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Legal Documents | Terms and Conditions for eCommerce Store

Whether you are starting up a drop shipping store or you are selling physical stock or even if you are an established e-commerce brand like Velvet Caviar that you have purchased, before you set up your eCommerce store you need to consider the legal pre requisites and documents that you will need to lawfully operate with the translation of legal documents.

Terms and Conditions for eCommerce

Not only are these a requirement in some states, they will also help your consumers trust that your business is legitimate which can help increase sales. So, where do you start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Keep reading to lean legal documents & terms and conditions for eCommerce Store. Keep reading to get the tips for writing legal documents you should know.

Refund Policy

Before you go live, you want to make sure that you have a refund policy in place. Your customers will expect their money back if their product isn’t up to standard, it is damaged, or the specifications don’t match what they received. Not only does it build up customer trust, it is actually a legal requirement to have this as you can’t sell products to a consumer and not allow refunds if the product is faulty.

You do have some control here though; you can limit the amount of time that a refund can be asked for. Most stores give consumers a 30-day grace period to return faulty or damaged goods as long as they haven’t been used and the buyer can provide proof of purchase.

Some companies offer longer refund windows, but these are often companies that sell higher end products that also have control over the manufacturing process. If you are drop shipping you can claim the refund back from the supplier, it may be more difficult if you have purchase whole sale stock to sell.

Returns Policy

Along with a refund policy, you also need to have a returns policy. Whilst it may be tempting to make the return slightly more difficult than necessary, so that your house doesn’t fill with damaged and broken goods, this isn’t good for consumers or your reputation.

Having a clear, easy to follow returns policy will not only increase your reputation as a good seller, it will also help drive sales to you. Make your returns policy incredibly clear and break down each stage that the customer has to follow, this way the mistakes are limited. Again, you will want to put in reasons why returns will or won’t be accepted.

If you are selling equipment, it will need to be that it is a manufacturing error rather than a misuse error, to do this you can put in a clause that the piece of equipment will be checked for heavy use prior to the return being accepted and a refund issued. With returns you may want to offer consumers a longer window if you are selling high quality goods that you trust, this way that trust will be shown to your customers.  You can also charge for returns, but that is down to your own discretion.

Privacy Policy

Customers are going to be giving you their personal information, so you need this if you’re running an ecommerce store. Make sure that your customers know how you are going to handle and process their information as well as safeguarding it.

You can get templates online but make sure that it is relevant to your eCommerce store. Out of all the documents listed, the privacy policy is probably the most important when it comes to safeguarding yourself. You need to make sure that you are processing customers details correctly and responsibly and record how you are protecting them.

This way, if any issues do occur, or there is a data breach you will be in the position to prove that the breach did not come from you and that you did everything in your power to keep your customers details safe and secure.

Terms and Conditions

Whilst terms and conditions aren’t a legal requirement, they may be something that is worth considering, especially if you are selling your own goods and services on your eCommerce stores. It outlines exactly what your products do and potentially protects you if anyone attempts to imitate your product or store.

It will need to explain that you own the intellectual property to your store and any products that you have designed and manufactured. If you are using the drop shipping method, this doesn’t apply to you so there is no need to worry.

Final Thoughts

In order to run a successful eCommerce store, there are only a few terms and conditions for eCommerce that you need to process before your site goes live.

It is easy to think of them as just another task, but actually they have the ability to increase your traffic and potential sales as customers are more likely to trust sellers that have and are transparent about refunds, returns and warranties they offer with their products. Take time in writing these policies as they can help you increase your income and keep you legal.

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