Rubber Grommets
Halt | December 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

Legal Benefits of Rubber Grommets

Grommets or eyelets are rings made of plastic, rubber, or metal inserted into holes to protect the materials that pass through the hole from abrasion. You can see grommets used in a number of instances in daily life. Just look around you might find them in the curtain holes or rubber shoes. In industries, grommets are required to cover the rough edges of a metal hole and rubber grommets are the preferred choice for their durability and heat resistance.

Rubber grommets come in a range of styles and sizes and you can easily find one that best fits your application needs. The common shapes include a round, square, oval, blind hole, and special shape. Usually, rubber grommets are produced from natural rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone, neoprene, and fluoro rubber. These grommets are easy to install or remove and snaps tight into the holes. However, before buying a grommet, you should consider the environment to which it would be exposed to get the right one. Rubber Grommets can provide the best products of unbeatable quality for your organization.

Why is rubber grommet preferred in organizations?

Here is a fair idea of why rubber grommet is the ideal choice.

  • Weather-resistant – Exposure to moisture can cause the metal grommet to rust while rubber grommet is not affected by the weather. For projects which require exposure to moisture, rubber grommets are the right choice.
  • Easy to install – Installing a rubber grommet is quite simple. You just need to slide them into the hole and it snaps tightly. Metal grommets can prove tough to install because you need to screw them properly into the place.
  • Resistance to chemicals – Rubber grommets are resistant to hydrochloric acid, saltpeter, phosphoric acid, and sulphuric acid. Apart from this, they are also resistant to heat and can last longer in the harsh conditions of the industries.
  • Cost-effective – Rubber grommets are optimally priced and hence are a cost-effective choice.
  • Best for tight spaces – Rubber grommets do not consume much space. You can easily squeeze them into those small, tight spaces or in many places that you thought were impossible.
  • Durable and versatile – Rubber grommets are highly durable and resistant compared to plastic or metal grommets. They do not develop tears or cracks easily and hence has a longer shelf life. Unlike the other grommets, rubber ones do not come loose easily.

Rubber grommets are suited for most of the applications. But if the work environment has high exposure to UV light or chemicals, you should consider using other materials like PVC. 

While choosing rubber grommets for your organization due diligence is required to ensure that it suits your work environment and the application requirements perfectly. A reputed vendor can guide you in choosing the correct grommet. Rubber Grommets come with 20 + years of excellence in producing 18000+ types of products and provides customized product design to suit unique needs. We can do mass production of high-quality grommets meeting the standards specified by RoHS, Reach, and ISO9001. The custom grommets can be delivered in a short turn around time of 48 hours exactly as per the design specified by the customer.