legal battles behind online gambling
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Understanding The Legal Battles Behind Online Gambling In The US

As technology continues to develop and access to the digital world is becoming much more prevalent in far-reaching corners of the globe, online gambling is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. We continue to see more venues than ever popping up in the online space, and in particular across Europe, where some of the online gambling regulations are quite flexible. However, the story is a little different in the States, where the rules and regulations on gambling and betting are somewhat unclear to say the least.

However, with a change in law in 2018 meaning that States can take laws on gambling into their own hands and make localised changes, in addition to the fairly unpredictable political situation at the current time, there’s no doubt that there will be changes in store for the online gambling industry. So what is the current situation on online gambling? And what will the future of online gambling in the states look like?

What are the current US regulations on online gambling?

While all forms of online gambling were banned in the states for much of the 21st century, just two year ago the Supreme Court made a decision to legalize sports betting and online gambling. Now, 75% of states have some form of legislation in place that will enable online betting and gambling at the discretion of the local government.

One of the areas that are difficult to navigate about US gambling law is that the regulations differ per state. In addition, the laws are constantly changing and this has meant that many people are confused on what they can and can’t actually do. Even though the laws have become somewhat less stringent in recent years, many people are still waiting for the gambling industry to become more adaptable, in which many US citizens are wondering whether President Trump will decide to support the online casino industry, considering he himself once owned a casino. While Trump has had little involvement in the industry for a few years now, he is currently showing no intent on changing any gambling laws.

The complexities of online Gambling

The fact is that legalizing online gambling is not a decision that can be made lightly, and one of the most pressing concerns is how brick and mortar casinos and betting venues will be affected if the laws on online betting and gambling become less stringent. Some worry that an increased popularity of online casinos and betting facilities could negatively impact the economic state of current venues and negatively affect the economy.

In addition, another challenge is that legal matters can become very complex in matters of online gambling when there is a dispute between the customer and the provider. In this sense, it is incredibly important for providers to have a competent legal team at hand that can handle matters in a way that is both fair and transparent for the client and the online casino/betting provider.

What are the current online gambling laws by state?

There are now a variety of bills in action around the country, with legislation varying by state.  Below is a little more information on the current laws for online betting and gambling in some of the most prominent states…

New Jersey

In New Jersey, Phil Murphy has recently signed a sports betting bill that enables the legalized betting on sports. This has meant that casino providers in the state of New Jersey are now legally allowed to offer online betting and gambling services, providing they have the correct licenses. There are many classic casino games available online ranging from table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat to more entertaining games like slot machines.

A full list of casino sites that are legal in New Jersey can be found here.


Nevada has long been one of the only states that permitted online sports betting activity. However as the laws have become more flexible in recent years, in which more and more online casino facilities are now popping up.


As of June 2018, the state of Delaware legalized betting at three casinos in the state. While this is a small step in the right direction, the laws are still quite stringent, despite the Supreme Court finding that federal law that restricted single game betting to be unconstitutional.

New York

While this might come as a surprise, there are only 4 on-site locations in Upstate New York than allow legalized betting and gambling. This federal law that has been passed unfortunately doesn’t cover online gambling.

Overall, we can see that while progress is being made on the legalisation of betting and gambling across the US, the laws are still pretty unclear, with each state having a slightly different version of rules in place to the next. While there are some states that still completely outlaw online gambling and betting, there is a good chance that this could change in the very near future as yet more emphasis is placed on the digital mobility and the development of the online world. Whether these will be for the better or the worse, only time will tell.