Head-On Collision
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Learning to Prevent or Minimize Head-On Collisions: Best Way to Ensure Road Safety

A head-on collision occurs when two cars or other vehicles proceeding from opposite directions hit each other. Such frontal collisions can involve different kinds of vehicles. Head-on collisions seem to be the most disastrous and tragic motor accidents. They often result in fatalities and are responsible for 10% of all the motor accidents that occur every year. It is, therefore, crucial to know effective ways of preventing or minimizing cases of head-on-collisions. Let us explore some valuable tips to avoid the risk of frontal collisions.

Always Obey Traffic Signs & Stay within The Specified Speed Limit

Beating the red light and disobedience to traffic rules

When motorists make the mistake of driving in the opposite or wrong direction of the flow of traffic, it may culminate in a deadly head-on collision. According to Forbes, the explosion in the total number of deadly wrong-way driving crashes across the United States is a ‘devastating’ and ‘persistent’ threat. This issue is getting from bad to worse. You must be in your perfect sense while driving so that you firmly stick to obeying traffic rules and signs and stay within specified speed limits. Cautious driving could minimize head-on collisions.

Things To Do To Avoid Head-On Collisions

  • Be ready and stay alert at all times. Drivers should never get distracted. Drivers across all age groups should learn ways to minimize their risks of head-on collisions. Always drive carefully and concentrate on the road and traffic. Never do drunk driving. Avoid talking on mobile phones or texting while driving. If you are 100 percent alert on the road, you will surely see the driver deviating from the traffic signs and rules.

Anti-Drunk Driving Devices That May Be Added To Your Car

  • It is best to consider turning on your headlights to attract the attention of the driver heading in your direction. You can use headlights even during the day to tell the driver coming from the opposite direction that you are on his way.
  • Avoid hugging the centerline if you wish to prevent deadly head-on collisions from other distracted drivers proceeding in your direction or a fatal slip of the hand. You would be on the way to the oncoming cars.
  • Always remember driving in the ‘right lane’, particularly in multiple-lane traffic spots. If you are driving in the left lane, stay near the right. In case of a curvy road, you should drive on the right lane to avoid a motorist speeding around the curvy road’s bend.
  • Use a well-maintained vehicle. Your car should be in top condition so that there are no breakdowns or failures in the middle of the road. Never drive with a horn that is not working or without repairing your headlights.

Driving Under the Influence: 6 Reasons Never Ever to Do It

  • The best way of avoiding a head on collision is by ensuring that you never drive when you are exhausted or under the influence. Drunk drivers and fatigued drivers could prove to be dangerous. Never drive when you are sleep-deprived.


When you know that it is impossible to avoid a collision, consider a sideswipe instead of taking a direct hit. It is better to hit something stationary than a speeding car. You can minimize the impact that way. It is a wise decision to hire the best accident lawyer to guide you when you or your loved one is injured in a horrendous head-on collision.


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