Traffic Product Safety
Halt | November 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

Learn about Legal Traffic Product Safety

It makes sense – burgeoning human populations mean more traffic and more chaos on the roads the world over. Getting to work in the morning has become the number one curse of the day with thousands of cars clogging the highways and byways and traffic moving at the speed of a snail. 

Extending a 2-lane road to 6 lanes seems to have little impact on lightning the traffic load and the queues continue to stretch for miles. If it were not for traffic signs and warning signals, you would be inclined to think you are on a highway to hell with all the chaos and increased probability of accidents

Traffic Management Systems to Keep Traffic Flowing 

At least traffic lights and road signs play a role in keeping the traffic moving and under control. A traffic product manufacturer is aware that soon there will be more than 2 billion vehicles trying to move around the many roads and they have to come up with products to avoid traffic jams and chaos. 

Keeping vehicles moving will require innovative traffic management systems, and Eltec, with their more than 50 years as a world-class manufacturer of traffic control signs and safety equipment will continue to have a huge role to play. 

Their focus is on programmable timing products and pedestrian safety with these products which they design and manufacture. All these products are easy-to-install, they are Internet-connectable and they are available in solar/DC or AC power and available with day- or night settings. 

Traffic Devices with Remote Monitoring 

In addition to LED technology, all ELTEC’s traffic products are cloud-connected devices that allow for remote monitoring of traffic devices. This is important for programming flashing crosswalk beacons which are found in important pedestrian crossing areas such as schools. These systems are advanced, eliminating the need for a technician to program them. 

Look at the role of a Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB), for instance, and the way it can prevent pedestrian fatalities.

The RRFB is a traffic-control device used together with pedestrian warning signs. The idea with them is to provide drivers with a high-visibility strobe-like warning to drivers that cyclists or pedestrians are using a crosswalk. These beacons can improve safety at intersections where there are not enough other signals and signs. 

Attention – Pedestrians Crossing! 

An RRFB is a pedestrian-activated warning device with a  yellow LED rectangular flashing light. When you see this flashing light your attention has to be on the crossing, knowing that pedestrians are likely to be crossing the street. It is equal to an emergency flashing light on a police vehicle. 

ELTEC’s traffic control products are all customizable to meet your specific needs and you can discuss all the warning system needs with them. This way you ensure that in your area drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are that much safer.

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