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Wirestork is an online legal technology company based in California,United States and with legal operations in the UK,Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Wirestork provides individuals and small to medium-sized businesses with online legal services—including background checks ,document drafting and review and litigation management services.

Legal help round the clock.
Gear up for the unexpected. Get all the legal help you need.Wire Stork specializes in providing simplified legal intelligence with resolution architecture,automated and compliant background checks and comprehensive legal data management solutions to clients in the UAE and the United States through one simple platform.

Red tapes simplified.
Immigration and labor checks made simple in three easy steps.Know your legal stand and red tape prohibitions along multiple jurisdictions without hiring expensive lawyers and manipulated with legal jargon.What’s more;we will guide you through a transparent resolution process if you have any red tapes.

Don’t just hire a lawyer;Manage.
Need a lawyer representation? Wire Stork appoints subject matter experts and manages legal intelligence on your behalf.Our extensive experience in local laws will enable us to design fast and actionable legal solutions with our curated pool of efficient lawyers.

Consult with a Wire Stork practitioner and design fast and actionable legal solutions. Unlike traditional lawyers,we empower you with Self help solutions and at a fraction of the cost that you had expect!We are on a journey to transform the law industry with transparency and accuracy.No language barriers;No follow up appointments or lengthy Phone calls.No confusions whatsoever.

    • Accident Injury
    • Adoption
    • Appeals
    • Asbestos Mesothelioma
    • Aviation Litigation
    • Bankruptcy
    • Bicycle Personal Injury
    • Business Commercial
    • Employment Law
    • Entertainment
    • Environmental Law
    • Environmental Litigation
    • Estate Planning and Administration
    • Federal and State Taxation
    • Felonies
    • Immigration
    • Privacy Law and Regulations


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