Description is a highly curated legal directory that exclusively lists law firms from various practice areas, which are physically located or have a location in Orange County, California. The authenticity of the listings is thoroughly verified through a firm member’s California State Bar profile(s) and/or verified locations listed on their website. The website goes to great lengths to ensure that each profile is carefully edited by a member of the team to guarantee accurate and up-to-date information about local law firms.

One of the unique features of is its commitment to publishing legal news and articles on a regular basis. The website strives to provide valuable legal context and opinions from local attorneys whenever possible. This adds a layer of insight and value to the website that sets it apart from other legal directories.

Doug Bradley, the owner of Everest Legal Marketing, created to help individuals in Orange County find verified local attorneys. With over a decade of experience in law firm marketing, Bradley understands the importance of connecting people with reputable legal professionals.

At, supporting the local legal community is a top priority. The website offers a free listing to any local attorney or law firm, regardless of size or practice area. Additionally, the website supports local legal organizations like the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (OCTLA) and the Orange County Women Lawyers Association (OCWLA). The website also runs the free, private Facebook group “Ask an Orange County Lawyer,” which allows people to ask questions of local attorneys.

To further support local attorneys, provides free, professional photos of Orange County courthouses to any law firm, news outlet, blogger, or media organization that wishes to use them for commercial purposes. The website recognizes the importance of showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Orange County courthouses while also providing a valuable resource to local attorneys and media outlets.

In conclusion, is more than just a legal directory. It is a website that is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information about local law firms while also supporting the local legal community. By offering free listings, legal news, and valuable resources, is a trusted and reliable resource for anyone in need of legal assistance in Orange County, California.

Areas of Practice

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • DWI Lawyers
  • Employment Lawyer
  • Estate Planning Lawyer
  • Expungement Lawyers
  • Family Law Attorney
  • Gun Rights Lawyers
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Investment Lawyers
  • Personal Injury Lawyer