The city of Minnetonka in Minnesota does not have a large amount of crime. In fact, the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are regarded as among the safest urban areas. Nonetheless, crime does exist and then a good Minnetonka criminal defense attorney can be of great use and you should not hesitate to call them for a free consultation.

Minnetonka Criminal Defense – Lawyers who know the system

A Minnetonka criminal defense lawyer is there to defend those people who have been accused of a crime. They have their hands full conducting research on the particular case and presenting their findings in court so as to negotiate a settlement.

The best Minnetonka criminal defense lawyer is Leverson Budke. The law firm is there to help you navigate possible life-changing consequences brought on by a crime you have committed. 

The Law Offices of Leverson Budke, PLLC is where you can find the legal defense you need and the law firm makes sure that you understand all the possible options available to you. You may think that you are beyond help with your particular case, but this Minnetonka criminal defense lawyer has seen it all, and whatever charges you have filed against you, the law firm makes use of their extensive litigation experience to protect your rights. 

For anyone looking for good legal representation, you do not have to look beyond this reputable law firm. You can see they have a passion for criminal law and they are highly clued up on litigation strategies. They always conduct themselves in a professional manner, making sure to interpret law terms for their clients so they understand their options.

Their aim is to resolve cases favorably and quickly. They prepare legal documents, negotiate punishment and make sure they stay up to date with new trends in the legal industry. 

Minnetonka Criminal Defense – Dealing essentially with DWI charges

The best Minnesota criminal defense office makes it easy for their clients by having 3 practices open in the state of Minnesota. They deal a lot with DWI/DUI charges, but they are skilled and experienced to take on any legal obstacles you are facing. DWI, as we know, is an offense of very serious nature.  It is considered so serious that you may be charged even if you are not driving. That is, if you are found sitting in the driver’s seat drunk and holding the car keys, even when the car is parked, you may be fined for controlling the vehicle. These approachable criminal defense attorneys at Leverson Budke are here to help you out of your legal predicament and you could not be in more capable legal hands. 

They are always available to you night and day which means you can contact them right away with any questions you need answered. They have worked hard to earn the trust and respect of Minnetonka residents and now it is your turn to see what they can do for you.

Areas of Practice

  • Domestic
  • Drug Charges
  • Expungement
  • Gun Rights Restoration
  • Murder Homicide
  • Sexual Assault


Education & Qualifications

Law Office Affiliations:                Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Experience / Training:                  Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law
Practice Area:                               Minneapolis, St. Paul & The Greater Minnesota Area
Certifications:                               Lead Certified
Pre-Law:                                       St. Cloud State University
Law School:                                  Mitchell Hamline School of Law
Law Degree:                                 Juris Doctor
Bar Exam:                                     Bar Number: 396402
Leadership Roles:                        Adjunct professor at Mitchell Hamline College of Law
Education:                                    Bachelor of Arts in English Literature


Awards & Badges

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