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Personal Injury and Professional License Defense Lawyers

At Lord + Heinlein, we are driven by our passion to seek justice for clients from all walks of life. We became lawyers to help people – people who are injured, wronged, or at risk of losing their professional license and livelihood.

We understand how difficult it can be for someone to speak up on their own behalf, especially against big corporations or in complex circumstances. When you choose Lord + Heinlein, our legal expertise becomes your powerful legal voice when it matters most.

Our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of personal injury clients and defended hundreds of licensed professionals including nurses, doctors, psychologists, chiropractors, social workers, therapists, dental hygienists, veterinarians, accountants and attorneys.

Lord + Heinlein evolved from the personal injury law firm founded in 1985 by Miles W. Lord. Widely known as “The People’s Judge,” Miles Lord served as the former Minnesota Attorney General, U.S. Attorney and Minnesota Federal Judge. We are a family-managed law firm that continues the work of our legendary founder. The attorneys at Lord + Heinlein uphold Judge Lord’s legacy of justice by doggedly pursuing fairness for all clients.

    • Accident Injury
    • Bicycle Personal Injury
    • Brain Injury
    • Injuries from Animal Attacks
    • Injuries to Children
    • Injury
    • Wrongful Death


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