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LegalScoops is run by a very capable team of people. They are experienced and passionate about their work. Let’s take a look at them.

LegalSccops Team

Jacob Maslow

Jacob Maslow is the senior writer of LegalScoops. He is a native New Yorker. Though he was a Payroll Manager first, he changed his career and focused on writing. He’s an expert in financial and legal writing. Jacob often says that writing was his true passion from the beginning.

Jacob has founded multiple online newspapers. Conservative Free Press and Daily Forex Report are also founded by him. Jacob also provides web marketing services as an Online Marketing Consultant.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scoot is one of the writers of LegalSoops. He is also the Publisher and Editor of  Embellished 1 News. It was started in 1996. The mission of Embellished 1 News is to capture the gist of a news periodical and convert that concept into an entertaining experience.

Embellished 1 News became pretty popular and it has maintained its stance over the years. They also maintained its quality throughout the years on its evolving standards and originally intended concept.

Mike DeFelice

Mike DeFelice is one of the Staff Writer of LegalSoops. He has more than ten years of experience in web publishing and content writing. Law is one of his favorite topics so he works for LegalSoops very passionately. In his free time, Mike DeFelice learns new languages. According to him, learning new languages help him with his writing.

Stephanie Caudle

Stephanie Caudle, a former ambassador for Source Hip-Hop Magazine and the iconic brand (RED) is another Staff Writer of LegalSoops. She is a multi-talented woman with a lot of virtues in her arsenal. Careerwise she is an AIDS advocate, an author, and a Web Marketing Consultant. But most importantly she is a proud mother and wife.

Stephanie Caudle seeks to encourage, motivate and inspire young women to stand off for themselves. She owns a website called “She’s My Superwoman”. She herself is the Managing Editor of that site where they showcase women from health, fashion, fitness, entertainment, business, and politics who have overcome huge obstacles in order to become successful in their respective sectors.

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