Topeka, the capital city of Kansas has a very low amount of crime, and it is pretty safe to live there. But all we know is that crime does exist everywhere in the world. So, where to turn if you have suffered from crime or in case you are fighting for your rights in the court?

Introducing Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P. The all-rounder law firm in Topeka. You might be wondering why they are called an all-rounder. The answer is very simple. They offer Personal Injury, Criminal Defense & Estate Planning, all three major aspects of the law. Their main goal is to create a legal environment that will reflect who they are individually and what they can create together. Their main priority is to defend the rights in the toughest situations. So, don’t forget to call them when you need someone to fight for your rights.

Experienced criminal defense

Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P know how the law world. They are experienced in criminal defense. Anyone who is trying to protect their rights in the court can get help from them. They always do their best to support their client to preserve their rights.

DUI representation

DUI is considered a very serious offense. Even if you are found sitting in the driver’s seat in your parked car and holding the car keys while you are drunk, you can get fined.

So, have you been accused of driving under the influence? Don’t worry. The attorneys of Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P are experienced in DUI defense. They will defend you in the court and will make sure you get the 

Help with fighting personal injuries

Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P also provides support in case of personal injuries. If you got hurt in your workplace or anywhere, they will help you to get your claim. And don’t forget that they also provide support for car accident cases around Topeka.

Estate planning

Do you need assistance with life’s difficult questions? Are you confused about your estate planning? Then Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P can help you. They will help you plan the future security of your loved ones. You will get suggestions and legal advice about your estate planning from them.

LGBTQ friendly

Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P. is one of the first majority LGBTQ-owned law firms in Kansas. They defend the rights of the LGBTQ community as they understand the struggle and the problems faced by these people.

Though they don’t work exclusively, they offer assistance in areas where no other local firms will not or can not provide support. They have also reduced the cost of service and provided pro bono for people who are unable to afford representation.

For anyone looking for a good law firm to represent them, they can choose Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P. They are professionals and will always help them to fight for their rights. Surely they will not regret their decision if they choose Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, L.L.P.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal Defense
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Murder & Homicide
  • DUI Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Slip and Fall Injury
  • Car Accident Injury
  • Family Law


Awards & Badges

Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, LLP Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, LLP Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, LLP Irigonegaray, Turney, & Revenaugh, LLP