Laws & Tips for Tenants Looking to Rent Abroad

The latest study in 2016 estimated that nine million US citizens were living abroad – a huge increase from the 1999 figure of between three and six million – while between 4.5 and 5.5 million Brits live abroad, totaling around 8% of the UK population, according to the latest statistics from World Bank.

The figure for those living overseas is likely to rise, with multinationals offering jobs for those looking to move, language barriers being reduced through technology, and methods of communication with those back home improving. But are there laws and tips tenants looking to rent property abroad should consider before taking the plunge?

Know Your New Area

Here’s a weird law. Did you know that, in Germany, renters are prohibited from playing instruments at certain times of the day and have a cap on how long they can practice in order to be respectful of their neighbors? Or that while the Swiss Homeowner’s Society encourages landlords to make their own rules for tenants, most abide by the rules that you can’t flush a toilet or run a bath after 10pm so as not to create a lot of noise? There are many rules when it comes to living abroad, and it’s important for tenants to get to know an area and to understand local idiosyncrasies when it comes to laws before they move there.

Don’t Go It Alone

While there’s no real harm in a trial-and-error approach to acceptable noise levels, some things can lead to more severe punishment if not done correctly. The process of renting abroad differs from country to country, and sometimes prospective tenants are required to go through different measures. So, it’s important to ensure you are fully equipped when navigating an unfamiliar legal system, which usually requires a professional who is familiar with the area or, in some cases, actually speaks the language of wherever you are hoping to end up. Lawyers that specialize in the rental sector will be best primed to ensure you are fully protected and receiving your rights.

rent lawConsider All Choices

When there is so much choice on where to rent and who to rent with, combined with our lack of detailed knowledge about a new area or even a country, our rental choices can be influenced by how easy the process is. However, the process of finding properties to rent using criteria such as price and area has become simpler in recent years, with real estate listing portals such as Bayut making it easier to find the necessary information to start the process of choosing somewhere to rent. Being able to see the choices in front of you can help you to make the decision in a more logical way.

Renting in your own country can come with various hoops to jump through, so renting abroad will obviously be more difficult. But, by ensuring you are familiar with the local area and customs, have someone by your side to ensure you are doing everything by the book while you move abroad, and being able to consider all options when it comes to making your choice, you will be in a more informed position to choose where to rent.

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