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Small Motorcycles Laws: What’s the Street Legal Dirt Bike Laws?

The world’s small motorcycles has a wheelbase of 3.14 inches and can go a blistering 1.24 miles per hour. This bike is micro in comparison to the smallest street legal dirt bike or motorcycle.

So you want to start riding, but want to start small? That’s a smart choice. We’ve put together a guide of the smallest street-legal motorcycles available. Keep reading to know about street legal dirt bike.

Motorcycle vs. Scooter

A scooter (not to be confused with an e-scooter) has a foot platform and a step-through chassis. While a motorcycle requires you to swing your leg over and straddle.

The engine in scooters tends to be between 50 and 250cc. On a rare occasion, you can find a scooter with a larger engine up to 850cc. Some think that an engine this size should mean that it should be a motorcycle. There are also step-through chassis scooters that are powered by electric motors. (see them on

The major difference is that step through chassis street legal dirt bike. You also don’t need a motorcycle license to ride a scooter.

Small Motorcycles Safety

Before we get into the different small motorcycles, it is important to know that small motorcycles can be dangerous no matter what size motorcycle you are on. Before you start riding, you need to ensure you have the proper gear and know how to ride safely.

If you happen to get into an accident, you will want to find an attorney that specializes in small motorcycles accidents. Look for attorneys have the knowledge and experience to effectively represent you in your claim.

Ten Street Legal Dirt Bike

This website is an example of a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, which includes small motorcycles accident injuries.

Now, let’s talk about the street legal dirt bike!

BMW G 310 R & GS

BMW has two different small bikes two choose from. The first is the R model that has a naked look to it. It’s 313cc pumping out 34 horsepower. It is slightly heavier than other bikes on this list at 349 pounds.

The other model, the GS, has the same size motor as the R model. The big difference is that it is a mini copy of the larger R 1200 GS.


This little bike has a tough streetfighter style and gives you a respectable 250cc engine producing 24 horsepower. You may not have heard of CSC motorcycles, but give this small motorcycles brand a chance.

Honda CRF250L / Rally

For those who want to own the road and the dirt then CRF250 is the bike for you. This dual sport small motorcycles are 249.6cc with superior performance both on and off the road.

Honda Rebel 300

Do you love the look of those big cruises but don’t want to handle all of that weight? Then meet the Honda Rebel. This 300 horsepower motorcycle may be small, but it gives off all of the tough attitude you’d expect from the larger bikes.

It’s only 361 pounds, making it perfect for cruising city streets and never growing tired. This is downright lightweight compared to larger bikes of a similar style that can easily weight 600 to 800 pounds. You also have the option of buying it with or without ABS brakes.

Take it from us, you want the ABS brakes. Once you try them out, you’ll never want to go back.

Honda Grom

How about a compact that gives you more spring and responsiveness than a scooter? The engine is only 125cc and tops out at 10 horsepower.

This isn’t a lot of power, but the bike only weighs 225 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest motorcycles out there.

Don’t plan on going far on this bike. There’s a reason you only see them prowling in packs around the urban streets.

Kawasaki Versys-X 300

This is another dual sport bike on the list. This one joins Kawasaki’s lineup of street adventure bikes sized at 600 and 1000. If you are familiar with the wildly popular Ninja 300, this bike uses the same twin 296cc engine.

If you want a street bike, then be sure to check out the Ninja 300 instead of the Versys. The Ninja 300 took over from the previous model that was 250cc. If you are ok with buying a used bike, you can find some cheap 250 models.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro

Kawasaki wasn’t going to let Honda take over the market with the Grom, so they introduced the Z125. It has an aggressive style and stance for such a small bike.

It’s powered by a 125cc engine and just at 224.8 pounds it has no problem climbing hills and owning the city streets. This bike is purely for urban exploring.

KTM 390 Duke

This is the ultimate in streetfighter hooligan style. Check out the metal framework that encases the engine of small motorcycles.

Look for a 2017 model or newer as the bike got a makeover that makes it a pleasure to ride. The newer models have a slipper clutch, throttle-by-wire, and updated suspension and brakes.

The entire bike weighs 340 pounds and is powered by a 373cc engine pumping out 43 horsepower.

Suzuki GSX250R

Do you want a sport bike that looks and feels like a super sport but you aren’t ready for all of that power? Then the GSX 250R is perfect for you.

The 248cc engine is perfect for a beginner. Plus you’ll have that cool factor of the legendary Katana bodywork.

Suzuki VanVan 200

If you love that retro cafe racer style, then this is the bike for you. It oozes old school cool 1970’s style. It only has 199 ccs, but it’s also only 282 pounds.

Smallest Street Legal Motorcycle That’s Right for You

Don’t choose a small motorcycles based on a review or a picture. The best thing you can do is get out there and sit on all of the different street legal dirt bike and motorcycles.

Find one that fits your style, and you feel comfortable on. It will be no time before you are confidently whipping around those city streets.

No matter what size motorcycle you are on, make sure you know these five common causes of motorcycle accidents.

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