Law Studies Different Types of Attorneys and Why You Might Need One
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Law Studies: Different Types of Attorneys and Why You Might Need One

Statistics from the American Bar Association state that a total number of 23,401 law students who graduated in 2018 secured full-time employment. This represents 68.4% of all students who took their bar examination. These figures show that law is still an attractive career for many and the rate of employment high.

Not all attorneys are the same. Understand the different types of attorneys and find out if you need one for yourself or your business.
In this article, we highlight different types of attorneys and why you might need one.

Law Studies

Lawyers in the US go through rigorous three-year training. Unlike many other countries, law school in the US is at the graduate level. The curriculum for law school aims at building a career of a lawyer that can handle different matters in the public.

Not all lawyers spend their time in a court of law, but at times, qualified lawyers can be called upon before a judge in what is called litigation. Law is a very diverse field that not a single lawyer can master all the laws and statutes hence the need for specialization.

A lawyer picks on a single area and specializes in it. This way, they are able to become experts in this field. Once you know the types, you will be in a good position to know how to find a good lawyer.

Below we will list and expound on the types of lawyers.

1. Civil Rights Lawyer

These are sometimes called constitutional lawyers. They specialize in matters that touch on basic human rights, violations of rights, gay rights, and compensations. They also work with lawmaking entities like Congress to develop national and local laws.

2. Immigration Lawyer

This category of lawyers helps people seeking legal status to be citizens of any country. They also fight deportation orders or violation of immigration laws.

3. Criminal Defense Lawyer

This is a major cadre of lawyers as it deals with matters about criminal conducts of their clients. These include murder, theft, gun rules violation or drug-related charges. Based on the work they do, they are most sought after in helping individuals avoid jail terms or harsh fines.

They are known as the best lawyers when it comes to litigation or performance before a judge or a jury.

4. Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer deals with business matters. They help you incorporating companies, ensuring licenses are in order and generating contracts. They are also involved with issues of mergers and acquisition. They are also involved in ensuring the company shares are in order.

Besides, they defend a company that has been sued by another in cases of breach of contract. They safeguard the legal interest of a company both before a court of law (litigation) and in the boardroom.

5. Traffic Lawyers

Traffic lawyers concentrate much with issues touching on road accidents and compensation thereafter. There are various lawyers who pick a subtopic of this and specialize further. For example, in this article, a law firm has specialized in bicycle traffic rules.

6. Real Estate Lawyer

This is a type of lawyer who is interested in ensuring a firm or an individual acquires a property lawfully. They facilitate the proper signing of deeds that will be proof of ownership. Real estate lawyers help you meet local authority requirements when having a real estate development.

7. Personal Injury Types of Attorneys

As the name suggests, these types of lawyers work with you when you get a body injury, either through an auto accident or at home. They work with medical insurance companies and other insurance entities to compensate you in case of a physical injury.

8. Bankruptcy Lawyer

This is a growing class of lawyers in tough economic times. A bankruptcy lawyer will advise you on the best way to file a bankruptcy suit and what you stand to lose by this move. They shield you against losses that you might find yourself in when your income is in jeopardy.

9. Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer works with you to ensure you meet your obligations of both state and federal tax requirements. Tax lawyers also work with you in case the IRS comes after you for a purported tax offense.

Tax lawyers can work for an individual or a firm. They are sometimes considered commercial lawyers as they advise firms on tax matters and how to sort tax disputes.

10. Employment and Labor Lawyer

If you need to know how to deal with your employees or sort a labor dispute, contracting an employment lawyer might be the right decision. They are trained in reading through labor-related contracts and labor laws to ensure you get a fair hearing. And in case you are an employee, a labor lawyer will handle your dispute with your employer to ensure you get the compensation that suits you.

Sometimes people hire labor lawyers to help them go through employment contracts to avoid disputes in the future. This action ensures that you only sign for a contract that you understand what it entails.

11. Family Lawyer

A family lawyer deals with family matters including marriages, divorce, and custody of children. They also deal with disputes on ownership of children, abuse related matters in children courts and inheritance.

Most of these lawyers operate in civil courts but can also find themselves in criminal cases. These cases include issues of abuse of children that are criminal in nature.

Lawyers Are Diverse

We have seen the different types of attorneys and what they do. Understanding the area a lawyer specializes can help you know how to find an attorney. Sometimes it is good to look through the categories provided in lawyers’ listings and decide which one suits your need.

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The information includes types of cases, legal matters, means of defending yourself and other issues that might worry you about the law. Check out our blog for more information for more legal information!

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