Law Essay Writing Help: 5 Online Sources Where to Get Help Gratis
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Law School Essay Writing: 5 Online Sources to Help Law Students

Many law school students decide to continue their education at law schools, colleges, and universities. This is a very perspective sphere. Lawyers are in high demand everywhere in the world because laws regulate the relationships among physical persons. There are many ways people interact with one another and they definitely experience some problems with the law. Accordingly, a good lawyer will be demanded and his/her salary is always high.

Of course, students should write different essays on the law. These cannot be some subjective pieces of writing that dwell on the opinion of a writer. Every paper must be based on officially confirmed informative sources. It’s not always easy to find proper websites that offer the required data. We can help you with this important issue. We offer 5 great online sources where you will get law essay writing help for free. These sources were borrowed from experts at professional essay writing company considered to be one of the most reliable academic services on the custom writing market. Moreover, these sources are for free. Accordingly, you won’t have to pay anything at all.

Source #1

Guide to Law Online is a really trustworthy informative source because it is prepared by the Law Library of Congress Public Services Division. It is presented in a form of annotated guide and deals with available data on government and law peculiarities. You will be provided with exceptional links to trustworthy websites that contain only legal information. You’ll have a really rich choice. You can find data on:

  • International issues;
  • World nations;
  • Federal, state, and territory laws of the U.S.A.
  • Constitution links;
  • Local law portals;

If you mess up some spheres, you can use a guide index. It provides a clear indexation of all existing terms and directions to find the necessary data fast.

All the links lead to full texts concerning laws, regulations and court decisions. You can also find the commentary of lawyers. Every source was tested before it was added to this website. You can fully trust every link. The website also warns that other website may change their addresses and thus, you may not find them. However, this happens rarely.

In addition, the website offers such menus as reports and recent researches in the law sphere, educational opportunities, news, events, and even possible job proposals.

Source #2 provides data on the law in the form of clear and helpful online links. These links are related to law sources in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico. You can also find data on commentary and practice aids. All the links are offered for free.

Every user can find relevant and official introductions to the legal systems of three countries (the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico). You can find data state by state links.  This means that you can find all the laws that work in every state or province of these countries. It is important because some laws differ depending on the location. For the comfort of users, you may select among three languages – English, French, and Spanish.

Source #3

Cornell Law Library’s Online Legal Resources offers official online links about different laws and court decisions. All the links are arranged by subject and it helps to orient through the website faster. You only should choose the required category. Every category is divided into subdivisions and offer relevant data on legitimate issues. You’ll receive access to federal regulations, statutes, treaties, agreements, case reports and something of the kind.

Mind that the resources are offered in alphabetical order. For example, if you choose the letter “A” you will find American Indian Law and/or Arbitration. “B” stands to Banking and Bankruptcy, etc.

Source #4

Free Legal Research Resources is a very helpful website for people who need dependable and free data on law and jurisprudence. This website may be a great start for students who don’t have access to paid databases. Besides, if you intend to use expensive databases you may save money and time if you review links offered on this platform. You can make a survey to identify what exactly is needed to complete your research.

The guide contains links to primary and secondary state law resources. You’ll find data about treaties, federal and international laws, state cases, regulations, empirical sources and so on.

In case, you experience some difficulties with orientation through the website use the live chat. There is an online librarian available in the chat box to answer all the questions.

Source #5

The Law School Toolbox is another helpful platform. However, it differs from the previous four options. It serves as a guide on how to make you’re citing correctly. Thus, you won’t violate someone’s rights. It offers the latest edition on the correct citation formats. You only should read attentively and follow the official instructions. That’s why we have decided to add this website to the list.

Moreover, the website contains five great tips on how to settle your quotations properly. There are the following tips:

  • Know the audience. You should know who will read your research and compose it in accordance with their expectations.
  • Find alternatives. If you find some alternative sources, you should use them.
  • Use online sources intentionally. Implement web-based sources reasonably and in various ways.
  • Bluebook them. Stick to the official guide on correct citing. You should use the latest 20th edition of the Bluebook.
  • Use them sparingly. Use links correctly and make the text readable. For example, long links would make your text ugly. Use hyperlinks, as we did in this guide.

Try these resources and you’ll find the required data to accomplish your assignment.

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