Website Design Tips for Lawyers
Halt | December 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Quality Website Design Tips for Your Law Firm

As an attorney, you know that there are countless benefits to working with you and the rest of your team.

The only problem?

Your current website may not be doing enough to help the clients that need your services the most find you. In fact, your website design may even be actively driving them away. Slow loading times, annoying pop-ups, and menus that are impossible to navigate are never a good thing when it comes to visitor satisfaction.

But don’t worry — we can help you to fix it.

In this post, we’ll share with you some of our most effective tips when it comes to creating a quality website design for your law firm.

1. Make Getting In Touch Easy

Let’s start simple. The most important aspect of quality website design, apart from using a great website builder, is making it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with your firm.

This means that you need to have your contact information — your address, hours, email, and telephone numbers — on every single page of your website. In most cases, people will search for contact information at the bottom of each internal page, so it’s best to keep it there.

Why can’t you rely on the drop-down menu?

Remember that, especially if you have a blog or write guest posts where you frequently include internal links back to your content, readers aren’t going to want to have to search for how to contact you.

Having your contact information clearly listed on each page of your site — and on every social media platform you use — will drastically increase your conversions.

For example, the homepage of this company, Freedom Law, clearly states the different phone numbers, addresses, and even Google reviews of the firm. It also lets readers click on these contact pages for more information about specific services.

2. Focus On Mobile-Friendliness

These days, more people access websites on mobile devices (both phones and tablets) than they do on desktop computers.

However, if your website is only designed for those who are logging onto your website from their home computers, you’re missing out on a huge section of your target market.

Mobile-friendliness is also incredibly helpful when it comes to boosting your website in local search. This means that it will be much easier for clients who live in your area to find your website — and even contact you the very same day to schedule a consultation.

Make sure you’ve removed any large image files and annoying pop-up ads from your homepage.

Not sure where your website currently stands when it comes to mobile-friendliness? Use this free tool to find out.

3. Embrace Live Chat

What is one of the most popular indications of quality website design? A live chat feature on your law firm’s website.

Not only will this help to increase your site’s conversions, but it will also cut down on the number of those lengthy phone calls that cost you tons of business every month.

Visitors to your site can get immediate answers to their questions, and you can guide them through the direct paths you want them to take while on your site.

You can choose to have automated bots answering these questions or assisting your visitors, so you won’t have to lose time by doing it yourself.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Video Content

Unless you’ve been in outer space for the past few months, you’re likely already aware of just how important video marketing has become within the digital sphere.

Especially in the legal world, potential clients will feel much more at ease if they’re able to watch a video explaining penalties and complicated legal concepts than if they’re forced to read a whole wall of text about it.

Plus, video content is highly shareable, which can help your firm to gain followers on social media. For best results, include a few videos introducing yourself and the other lawyers in your firm on your website.

You can also create a video series on common legal issues in your state, as well as upload “Q & A” videos outlining your qualifications and the answers to the questions you most often receive.

5. Don’t Neglect Website Speed

What is one of the most important ways to ensure that the design of your website is as effective as possible? Take the overall speed of your quality website design into account. Sure, autoplay options and enormous images might make your firm’s website look exciting. However, they’ll also ensure that it slows to a crawl.

People can and will navigate away from your website if it’s slow to load. This will cause your site to fall in the search engines rankings, meaning you’ll likely lose business directly to your competitors.

To see the current loading speed of your website, use this free tool.

6. Make Your Website Consistent With Your Branding Strategy

Last but certainly not least, ensure that your website’s design is in line with your overall branding strategy.

For a law firm especially, quality website design often goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. Stick to primary colors, don’t weigh down your pages with unprofessional flashing graphics or pop-ups, and clearly display your logo on each internal page of your site.

Looking for a way to make your design stand out from your competition?

One of the best things you can do is to have a professional typographer create a signature font for your firm. This is a perfect way to build your brand recognition without compromising your professionalism. Make sure that you use the font on all of your online and print promotional materials to keep things consistent.

Need More Quality Website Design Tips?

Now that you have a few ideas for how to take your website’s design to the next level, it’s time to start implementing them.

Once you’re happy with the design of your site (it’s a smart idea to test it before you go live) then you need to begin doing everything possible to get more visitors to your page.

In addition to claiming your online listings and starting to blog, you should also submit your website to our online lawyer directory. We offer both free listings and a premium listing for as little as $25 every year.

Sign up with us today to gain more clients and continue to grow your firm’s reputation.


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