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Halt | February 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Law Firm SEO Investment: How Much Should It Be?

If you’re a lawyer, the eye-opener for you is that you need to invest in marketing strategies just as much as other businesses do. With today’s advancements in technology, one of the most relevant marketing techniques has to do with Search Engine Optimization. Because many law firms are also now making use of the digital atmosphere, you shouldn’t let yourself be let behind. If you’re desperately looking for ways to increase your caseload and increase your potential for revenue, you can do no wrong with investing in SEO.

Now that this matter is settled, one of the most common concerns also has to do with the budget. How much should be invested in law firm SEO? Apart from the finances, this also has to do with other resources like effort and time. This article gives you all the information that you need.

1. Dependent On Certain Factors

How much a law firm has to spend to put a value on Search Engine Optimization investment is dependent on certain factors that apply universally to all types of law firms. This article, therefore, won’t quote you a specific amount. Remember that in marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. What your firm can do is to make an assessment based on certain factors, so you can adequately determine the right amount for your OWN firm.

Here are some examples of the factors that you should consider for law firm SEO:

  • The time that your team and yourself can invest in marketing.
  • The areas of practice that your law firm focuses on.
  • The types of marketing activities and strategies that you wish to apply, related to SEO.
  • The size of your law firm.
  • The specific need and desire that you have for client acquisition.

2. Budget = Goals Of Your Firm

When deciding on a particular amount, another one of the most fundamental equations for you to have in mind always is to equate the specific budget with the goals of your firm. This means that the monetary budget itself must be parallel to the particular goals that you have for your law firm for this year.

For example, you’re in dire need of clients as you’re only still a newbie. You’re aiming for a hundred percent increase in caseload by the end of 2020. This means that you’ll also need to double the amount that you currently have allocated for marketing.

When you under-fund your SEO investment budget, this can also dangerously result in the increased likelihood of not achieving your business goals.

3. Dependent On Your Area Of Specialization

All other factors considered, it’s also important to note the type of specialization that you have as a firm. If you’re a general lawyer, this can also mean the specific kinds of clients that you wish to target or have more of. Each type of law firm specialization has its inherent SEO needs. A quick breakdown of examples is as follows:

  • Personal Injury & Criminal Law

This type of specialization can also further include immigration cases and other civil and criminal law cases. With these types of specialization, law firms generally need to spend more on SEO investments. This stems from the fact that competition is stiff, and looking for clients in these fields is usually harder. The cost of client acquisition in these fields also tends to be higher.

  • Family, Property, Wills & Estates

Law firms that specialize in these types of cases tend to spend less on SEO investments. This stems from the basic fact related to the nature of these businesses and the current sources that they have for client acquisition. Cases related to family law, property, and real estate law are also more common. This means that lawyers don’t have to double their efforts on their investment strategies.

4. Dependent On Your Current Geographical Area

Does your law firm belong to a densely populated geographical area? Or are you one that’s in a city or town that’s so small? In the small towns, competition may be less stiff, as this could also mean fewer lawyers. Clients are dependent on familiar names and practices, so it may even be the case that you’re the only personal injury lawyer, for instance. Because of this advantage, you don’t have to budget so much for SEO. Especially so when the demographics of your area also are the older population that may not be as active on the Internet than the Millenials. It’s useless to invest so much on SEO when you don’t even have an audience on the Internet, to begin with.

If you belong in big cities or towns, here you have to budget more. Competition is stiffer, and you have to reach all corners of your big locality. With more young professionals and teenagers using the Internet, this also means a higher need to focus on digital marketing and Internet campaigns. In this case, you’ll need to allocate more financial assets.


A law firm’s set budget on SEO investment may run similar to that of other businesses as well. As you may have understood through reading this, the amount, in particular, varies from one law firm to another. But, many of the deciding factors such as revenue and current caseload are universal. Now that you’ve learned more about the importance of SEO investments and how much in terms of all assets such as time and effort you should give, it’s time for you to start applying these in your practice as well.

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