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Know Your Rights: Use Civil Law To Save Your Rights

Human rights are defined as the rights acquired by every human being on the face of the earth without prejudice or discrimination, regardless of his race, nationality, gender, language, or religion. Thus every person in the world has the right to enjoy his/her own rights without prejudice to them.

Civil Law

Civil law is a set of rules that work to regulate relationships between individuals and defines and protect the private rights of each citizen. Civil law covers many areas like contracts, torts, family, and property laws. The ancient Rome laws used a system to develop a code that we can use to determine how to decide on legal issues to protect basic human rights and element any abuse of rights.

Civil Law Branches

The civil law is divided into four main branches that cover all the citizens’ issues. To use civil laws for your rights, you need to know those four categories, which are:


Contract law is an important branch of civil law; it deals with contracts between two or more individuals. Contract laws obligate all parties to keep up their part of the agreement to protect the other parties’ rights. For example, if you are a student and moved to another city to study civil law. To rent an apartment where you can be close to your college, you will need to make an agreement “contract” with the owner.

According to the contract law, this agreement protects your right as a lessor to live in the apartment and the owner’s right as a landlord to receive the amount of money specified for rent. If any of the parties violated any of the provisions of the contract, it is considered a “breach of contract” which is a civil wrong. It is clear that this is all the basics of legal law. But not all students immediately begin to understand the law, for this, they may need time to study and search for new knowledge

As a law school student, you may need some help in studying the legal environment of civil rights to understand it better. As in different law lessons, students may be required to write an essay on civil law and other research papers. Unless you fully understand the subject, such a task may not be easy to do. Using can help you submit the assignment in time, and you can also use those papers for studying and understanding civil law better. Understanding the civil law is not limited only to the law students; actually, every citizen should be aware of his and her rights to be able to protect them.


This branch is concerned with civil wrongdoing and personal injury. The tort is considered a civil wrong done by one individual towards another resulting in an injury or property damage. In such a case, when human rights violated by another citizen, it often involves monetary payment to the injured party.


This branch covers personal and real properties, from personal items like jewellery and pets to real properties like land and anything built on it or anything under its surface. This branch has two types of torts: trespass and conversion.


This one deals with cases like marriage, divorce, birth, child support, adoption, child custody, and any other issue that may affect families. The branch does not usually deal with cases of civil wrong but more with human rights.

The Role of The Individuals In Protecting The Human Rights And Civil Law

Despite the primary role of governments in assuming the primary responsibility in protecting human rights, they are not the only partly responsible for guaranteeing these rights. Every individual in society must strive to enhance the protection and respect of these rights and freedoms, and the national and international measures taken in this field. In order to achieve universal recognition of human rights, each individual in the society has to be aware of their civil rights and responsibilities also.

Individuals have a role to play in spreading the culture of human rights in society and in the whole world and emphasizing the importance of preserving it. Each individual must exercise his or her role in claiming their rights.

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