Know Your Options: What Is a Public Adjuster and What Do They Do?
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Know Your Options: What Is a Public Adjuster and What Do They Do?

Dealing with insurance companies can be a massive headache. You don’t want to file a claim because you don’t want your insurance premiums to go up between 15% and 20%.

Yet, you may have to because you could be paying a lot out of pocket that insurance would cover. Filing and waiting for the claim to be approved could be an excruciating process. Claims are often denied for what may seem like no good reason.

That’s where a public adjuster can help. Do you want to learn what a public adjuster is and how they can help you recover an insurance claim?

Read on to find out.

The Types of Insurance Adjusters

Before we get into what a public adjuster is, it helps to know the various types of insurance adjusters. This will help you understand where a public adjuster fits into the grand world of insurance claims.

Company Adjuster: This is an adjuster who works on behalf of the insurance company. They are an employee of the company and receive a salary and benefits for their work.

Independent Adjuster: An independent adjuster also works on behalf of the insurance company. Instead of being an employee, they’re hired as an independent contractor.

In both of these cases, the adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company to verify the accuracy of your claim. They determine how much the insurance company should pay for your losses.

What Is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster also analyzes the accuracy of insurance claims. The big difference is that a public adjuster works for you, not the insurance company.

You’re the one that hires the public adjuster, not the insurance company. Therefore, a public adjuster is going to have your best interests in mind when reviewing a claim.

A public adjuster isn’t just some guy off the streets who hangs a shingle and says they’re a public adjuster. They have to go through rigorous licensing and certification procedures, which vary by state.

A public adjuster has a couple of advantages. The first is that they have a lot of experience in dealing with insurance companies. If you’re dealing with a property claim, they may have construction experience and can negotiate with contractors on your behalf.

That can get you a better settlement from your insurance company.

When You Need a Public Adjuster

Most people don’t use a public adjuster when dealing with insurance claims because they feel that they’re getting what they need from their insurance company. They see an adjuster as a benefit and they don’t need to spend money on a public adjuster.

There are certain situations where a public adjuster can be a lifesaver. Here are some instances when you need to hire a public adjuster.

Save Time and Energy

If you’re too busy to deal with the insurance company or you would feel better hiring someone else to handle insurance for you, a public adjuster would be a good option.

Let’s face it, you’re not an expert in insurance claims. The peace of mind of working with an expert would be a big benefit to having a public adjuster.

You Have Large Losses

If you’re in a catastrophic situation, you’ll want to make sure that the insurance company comes through on their end. Sometimes, they will dispute things to protect their own interests.

A public adjuster would work for you, and they’ll fight to make sure that your claim gets paid.

You Disagree with the Insurance Adjuster

There are many reasons why an insurance claim would be denied. You may not have updated your insurance policy, or you don’t have sufficient documentation. It’s your responsibility to prove to insurance companies that you suffered a loss that they should cover.

An insurance agent would be able to help you so much in this situation. You would need to hire a public adjuster to review the claim and assess whether or not the insurance company was right in denying your claim.

How to Hire a Public Adjuster

If you know you need a public adjuster, how do you go about hiring one? Follow these tips.

Free Evaluation

Some adjusters, like this adjuster in Florida, offer a free evaluation of your situation. They’ll come out and assess your situation and tell you what you really want to know about your claim. You really have nothing to lose.

Licensed & Experienced

Most states require that public adjusters are licensed to operate. You want to make sure that the public adjuster that you work with has an active license in good standing. You can check with your state insurance board to look up their insurance license number.

You also want to make sure that they have experience working with insurance companies with a similar situation as yours.

How They Work with Clients

You want to be clear as to how they work with their clients. You want to walk away with a clear understanding of what they’ll do and what your responsibilities are. You also need to understand how they communicate with their clients.

Public Adjusters Can Help You Deal with Insurance

One of the worst things about insurance is getting what’s rightfully yours when you file a claim. It’s your responsibility to prove to insurance companies that you have a claim, even though you pay your insurance premiums on time every month.

When you have a large claim or you’re having difficulties with the Insurance Adjuster’s claims, you want to hire a public adjuster.

A public adjuster has your best interests in mind. They work with you to navigate the complex world of insurance adjustment claims so you can get what you deserve and rebuild your home or business.

Without them, you may be left with very little to build on or you would have to get an attorney involved in the situation.

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