Constitutes Damages For Personal Injury Cases
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Know What Constitutes Damages For Personal Injury Cases To Include It In The Claim

When you face any traffic accident that causes injuries and need medical treatment to recover from it, you can file a compensation claim. Also, you qualify for claiming compensation for damages for any medical negligence which comes under the ambit of the personal injury laws. To know more about your legal rights in claiming compensation for the personal injury, you can log on to It helps you get in touch with experienced and reliable personal injury lawyers ready to help you get the right compensation.

Since the rate of road accidents is on the rise, the chances of personal injuries are also high and timely support from a personal injury lawyer will provide considerable relief to the victims who can expect a favorable outcome to their claims to recover from the trauma and losses. The attorney can build a strong case that leaves no room for the defendant to escape the law and provide suitable compensation to the victim. Now let’s talk about what constitutes damages for personal injury cases to include it in the claim.

Damages that you can claim

Damages that you can claim

Besides the physical injury caused by accidents and falls, you may suffer many other types of damages. Some damages may be directly related to the accident, while others may have an indirect relation to it.

The compensation claim includes damages of two types – General Damages and Special damages. When combined, it covers almost all types of direct and indirect losses.

General Damages – The compensation claim about the direct effects of the accident or fall-related to the injury.  It also includes the pain and suffering that you have incurred, and any loss of amenity comes under the category of General Damages. Loss of amenity means the extent of damage to your quality of life due to the injury. For example, suppose you fracture your leg in an accident and undergo medical treatment. In that case, you will not lead a regular life unless you fully recover from the injury. It amounts to the loss of amenity according to the interpretation of the personal injury laws.

interpretation of the personal injury laws

Special damages – Special damages in your compensation claim forms the second part of the claim and include all such damages that can help to restore your financial position to the time before the accident or injury.  Generally mentioned as ‘out of pocket expenses,’ it includes expenses that you may have to incur in the future along with the costs already incurred.

Loss of earnings – This includes all losses you incurred while recovering from the injuries, as well as what you are likely to incur until you are fully fit to resume your regular duties.

Costs for treatment, care, and rehabilitation – All treatment, care, and rehabilitation costs from starting the treatment until full recovery to gain fitness comes under this.

Equipment, aids, and adaption – It includes all rehabilitation aids and equipment required at present and in the future.

Loss of property – Damages to property due to the accident forms a part of the claim.

Besides, any travel expenses incurred as a direct fallout of the accident and injury are also permissible under the claim for compensation.

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