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Know The Fact That Determines The Average Attorney Salary

Becoming a lawyer implies you have to complete your college graduation from a law school and also pass the bar exam to get a job. By the process end, you may have student loan debt and so it is best to know an average attorney salary.

An Overview of Attorney Salary

According to the 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay in the U.S. for lawyers was $115,820. The lawyer’s hourly pay worked out per hour to $55.69, however many other lawyers’ bill more than this hourly rate services. The qualifications at the entry-level lawyers are enforced strictly.

Lawyers must possess a J.D. degree and should be admitted to the bar. The BLS projects between 2014 and 2024, the American workplace featuring number of lawyers will grow by 6% is expected each year.

The fact is that the main duties of personal lawyers to represent in court for individual clients. There are some working in-house for non-profits and corporations, some work in mediation or arbitration, while some for the government.

This also includes lawyers working at huge, multi-national firms or even owning individual practices. Thus the average salary of Lawyer varies with the position and its relevant demand.

Geography Determining the Attorney Salary

The factors determining the lawyer salary includes the geography as well. The national average salary of Lawyer is stated to be at $106,148 by a salary aggregating site, Biglaw Investor, but reports reveal that the New York lawyer’s salary as $114,134 and the Kansas City, MO shown by Glassdoor as average is $89,452.

The state that is top paying for lawyers is the District of Columbia. The mean wage annually for attorney salary is $174,480. The lawyers who are other high-paying states include New York, California, Delaware and Massachusetts.

Lawyer Salary in Metro Area

The metro area that is top-paying for lawyers is San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA. Here the lawyers annual mean wage earning is $204,010. Other metro areas that are top-paying for lawyers are: San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA, Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT; and New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ.

The fact also is that it is not the metro areas alone that pay high salary to the lawyers. Of course, but the highest numbers of lawyers are the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro areas. It may surprise you to know the second highest city having concentration of lawyers is Tallahassee, FL. Nevertheless, the other metro areas featuring concentration of lawyers include San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco, CA, Philadelphia, PA; and New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ.

Attorney Salary Details

As per the BLS of 2015, lawyers earned an average salary of $115,820. The best-paid lawyers received more than $187,200, and the lowest paid received $55,870.

Lawyer’s average annual earned salary is $136,260 in 2015 and this is more than other occupations. The different types of lawyer profession that pays highest is the metropolitan areas of Bridgeport, California, San Jose, San Francisco and Connecticut.

Of course, the New York City and Los Angeles also pays exceptionally well. Among all the factors, location was considered to be an authentic factor in determining the income expected as average attorney salary.

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