Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim
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What You Need To Know Before Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

The purpose of a motorcycle insurance cover is to help you and your ride in case of an accident.

Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance claims are often stressful and not as straightforward as many riders expect. You often have to prove your claim, and the compensation will often differ due to different factors.

It can be extremely stressful when you have sustained an injury, and after making a motorcycle insurance claim, you end up empty-handed.  Since insurance companies make money from saying no to claims, you need to understand how the process works if you’re to get compensated.Here are some important details to consider before making a motorcycle insurance claim.

1. Type of claim

There are usually two types of claims: Property damage claim and personal injury claim.

The property damage claim relates to your damaged motorcycle. If the accident was caused by another vehicle or motorcycle, the claim is directed to the other vehicle’s insurance company. You could make a property damage claim against your insurance company if you were responsible for the accident. But ensure that your insurance policy covers this claim if you want to be compensated.


The personal injury claim relates to body injuries sustained during the accident. When seeking this claim, you must prove that you were not at fault for the accident.

2. Information needed when making a claim

Motorcycle accident lawyers state that gathering and preserving accident evidence is crucial when it comes to getting your claim compensated. Just like with a car accident claim, if you fail to collect all the necessary accident information, the insurance firm may use this to deny your claim.

Here are a few tips that can help you gather the crucial information needed before making a claim.

  • Pictures at the accident scene- Pictures are the best source of evidence in case of a road accident. Focus on the damages to your motorcycle and the visible injuries on your body. If possible, the pictures should also tell a story of how the accident occurred.
  • Information on the other driver- If an accident involves another motor vehicle, ensure you note the driver’s name and address. Also, write down their vehicle registration number, make, and the insurance company.
  • Police record– A statement from the police is usually what the insurance uses to ascertain your statement. Ensure the police have visited the accident scene and take all the necessary details from their report. Otherwise, your word alone may not hold water against the insurance company claims.
  • Medical records- If you have body injuries from the accident, consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor should document all your injuries and symptoms. The doctor’s record will help to prove that your injuries occurred due to the accident.
  • Have some witnesses- Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a witness who can narrate what occurred during an accident. But if you get one, they can be a great help when it comes to getting compensation from the insurance firm. If the witnesses are several, then you’ll have a higher chance of you getting compensated.

3. What to expect from a claim

You should know the damages that your insurance policy covers if you want to build a strong compensation case.

For instance, under the personal injury claim, the following damages are usually covered:

  • Loss in wages- If you miss work and you’re unable to make a living while recuperating, you can claim for loss in wages damages. Similarly, if your injuries make it impossible for you to work as you were used to, you are entitled to the loss in wages compensation.
  • Medical bills- The cost of medication is something you can claim under the personal injury claim. This includes future physiotherapy costs and the cost of drugs.
  • Pain and suffering- This includes emotional suffering, mental breakdown, and other physiological issues that may arise due to the accident.

Under the property damage claim, you can be compensated for the following:

  • Partial coverage- If you’re at fault for the accident, then your insurance company will only pay a partial amount. This depends on the extent to which you’re to blame for the accident and the kind of cover you’re enrolled in.
  • Comprehensive coverage- You can get full compensation for your motorcycle if you weren’t at fault for the accident.  It’s also important to note that compensation depends on your motorcycle’s value at the time of the accident and not when it was new.

4. Factors that can affect a successful claim

Some critical factors and actions can influence how much you get as compensation or if you get anything at all. They include:

  • Lack of a Helmet- Wearing a helmet helps reduce head injuries. Besides, most states require motorcycle riders to wear safety helmets.  If the other person can prove that your injuries’ severity could have been minimized if you were wearing a helmet, your claim value will reduce significantly.
  • Driving under the influence- If an insurance company can prove that the accident happened when you were drunk or under the influence of drugs, chances of compensation are minimal.
  • Expiry of the claim time limit- You’re required to claim for damages maximum of two years after the accident. Any claim submitted after this time may not be successful.
  • Poor legal representation- Sometimes, insurance claim cases can drag in court. This is why you need an experienced lawyer to help you with the process. Remember, insurance companies never accept liability, and without a good lawyer, your chance of winning against an insurance firm that denies liability is as good as zero. If you’re having difficulties looking for a competent insurance claims lawyer, consult Halt Law Directory for top lawyers in the US.

Final thoughts

We all dread having an accident, and it’s essential to take the necessary precautions to avoid getting into one. But sometimes accidents are unpreventable. In case you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to understand how and what to claim. The above article gives you a low-down on everything you need to know before making a motorcycle insurance claim.

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