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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Highlight Motorcycle Safety As Spring Arrives In Ohio

As the leading personal injury firm in Ohio, Kisling, Nestico & Redick understands the importance of motorcycle safety. They are dedicated to helping reduce the number of motorcycle accidents year-round, although their efforts ramp up in the springtime as the warm weather inspires more riders to hit the road. KNR wants everyone to learn how to avoid collisions and stay safe on all their travels. With spring firmly in full swing, it’s that time again, so here’s what everyone in Ohio needs to know.

Ohio Highway Patrol Urges Public To Increase Motorcycle Awareness

Since they’re often the first responders to motorcycle accidents, the Ohio Highway Patrol also runs regular awareness and safety campaigns, especially at the start of the spring. Once the sun comes out in full force, they put out bright signage warning drivers to “Look Out for Motorcycles” all along the major thoroughfares. Beyond that, they highlight the importance of wearing the right gear and practicing safe driving techniques at all times.

Through their efforts, they hope to reduce the number of motorcycle accident fatalities and injuries. From 2016 to 2020, more than 873 motorcyclists passed away in accidents, while nearly 5,000 others were injured. Reducing those numbers by even just a few will help more people come home safely to their families, making it well worth the effort to promote public awareness campaigns about motorcycle safety.

Unfortunately, Ohio motorcycle fatalities are on the rise, increasing by more than 33% in just the past year. Injuries are up as well, often resulting in lasting complications that impact the livelihoods and quality of life of the accident victims.

Top Ways To Avoid Getting Into A Motorcycle Accident

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Highlight Motorcycle Safety As Spring Arrives In Ohio

Through their regular safety campaigns, both the Ohio Highway Patrol and Kisling, Nestico & Redick highlight the top ways to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident. By following their safety tips, it’s possible to reduce the risk of collisions and have a better chance of arriving home safely after every ride.

Make ATGATT A Top Priority

When involved in a collision, motorcyclists are at the most risk of injury and death due to the lack of protective material between them and the road. To temper that risk a bit, they can make “All the Gear, All the Time” their mantra for every ride.

ATGATT means wearing all the most protective gear on every ride, no matter how short, such as:

  • DOT-approved helmet with a full-face shield
  • Leather jacket with built-in elbow and shoulder protection
  • Leather riding pants with built-in knee pads
  • Lightweight, flexible, and protective motorcycle boots
  • Padded and reinforced riding gloves

With ATGATT at the center of their riding philosophy, riders can give their bodies a little bit of extra cushion and reduce the risk of minor to severe injuries. The right gear can prevent lacerations, digit amputation, and serious brain injuries. In addition, it can prevent infections and other potential complications during recovery.

Always Do A Walk Around

Before each ride, motorcyclists need to walk around their bikes to check if all the systems are in good working order. They should check their tires to verify the tread is intact plus make sure all their lights work. Also, they should check their fluid levels and complete all preventative maintenance on schedule to avoid problems down the road.

Keep A Steady Distance

Motorcycle riders should always maintain at least a four-second following distance from the vehicles ahead. Their fellow drivers should also give them that much room, if not more. Motorcycles can brake much faster than larger vehicles, often resulting in a collision if there’s not enough following room to act as a cushion.

Study The Route-Ahead

Motorcyclists need to know their route well and study the road ahead to stay out of trouble on their travels. Otherwise, they could come upon dangerous obstructions and situations that put them at risk of getting into an accident.

Watch For Distracted Drivers

Distracted drivers are deadly, but it’s possible to spot them in the sea of vehicles by looking for swerving, failure to check blind spots at lane changes, and lack of turn signal use. They may even be looking at their phone screens or infotainment systems as they drive. Upon noticing any sign of distraction, motorcyclists and other drivers should give the distracted individuals wide berth.

When motorcyclists make all these tips a way of life, they improve their ability to stay safe on all their travels. Despite their best efforts, accidents can still happen, of course, although they are much less likely.

Tips For Filing A Motorcycling Crash Claim If The Unthinkable Happens

How Insurance Companies Defend Motorcycle Accident Cases

When a collision occurs, the team at Kisling, Nestico & Redick urges everyone to take the following steps to best handle the situation.

Move To A Safe Spot On The Side Of The Road

If possible, motorcyclists should carefully move their bikes and themselves out of the road. Moving to the right shoulder is best if possible. They should also put out flares and other markers to warn other drivers to slow down and watch for any big pieces of debris still left on the road.

Get Medical Attention Right Away

Many major injuries are not immediately apparent, especially if the individual is in shock or suffering internal injuries. For that reason, it is important to get everyone medical attention right away.

Motorcyclists can call for an ambulance, get a ride to the emergency room, or schedule a visit to urgent care. They should also check with the other people involved in the collision, if possible, to see if they need medical attention.

Write Down Statements And Contact Info

If there are no major injuries, motorcyclists can take the time to collect witness statements and contact information while still on the scene. They should add that info to the names, contact info, and insurance policy information from the other drivers involved in the accident.

Then, they can add their notes on what led up to the accident and how it occurred to create a clear picture for their personal injury lawyer. They should add as many details as possible while the situation is still fresh in their mind to avoid losing important information before they can speak to an attorney.

While doing so, it’s vital that no one admits fault or try to figure out who caused the accident. Just jot down the sequence of events as they transpired and let the attorneys work out fault later on.

Take Photos Of The Accident Scene

motorcycle accident lawyer

Even with the full account of what happened written down, it’s important to get pictures to back up the claims. Riders should take pictures of their motorcycle and the other vehicles, including all license plates and other identifiers.

After that, they should get a picture of the exact location of the accident plus the direction the cars were coming from. Photos of nearby street signs or landmarks can also help tell the story of where and how the accident transpired.

Speak With An Attorney At Kisling, Nestico & Redick

After getting back home safely, the motorcyclist should contact an experienced personal injury attorney before calling the insurance company. Otherwise, the insurance company could try to get them to admit fault or accept much less compensation than they deserve. During the call to the attorney, they will want to schedule a free consultation to discuss the case in detail and learn if they have a case.

Only after that should they alert the insurance company to the situation. While talking with the insurance, they must follow the attorney’s instructions to avoid any missteps in the process. After filing the initial claim, the personal injury attorney will likely take over correspondence with the insurance company as they negotiate on their client’s behalf.

As May comes into focus, it’s time to celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The best way to do that is by following Kisling, Nestico & Redick’s tips on how to stay safe on the road. But if a motorcycle crash does occur, everyone should also remember to follow their recommended steps in handling the situation.

Injured In A Motorcycle Accident? Contact Kisling, Nestico & Redick

When a motorcycle crash occurs, the team at Kisling Nestico & Redick is always available to help. With a call to 1-800-Hurt-Now, motorcyclists can get in touch with a skilled attorney who can help minimize their losses and help them get back on their feet. The initial compensation is free, and there are no other fees unless they can secure compensation for their clients, so call today to learn more.

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