Items Movers Can't Move
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Items Movers Can’t Move – Safety Standards

What are the items movers can’t move? There are various items that even the best movers won’t move. Some of the items are logical while others can come down to state laws. Professional movers may be prohibited either by ethics, safety standards or laws to move certain belongings. That said, below is a list of items you should not plan for movers to relocate.

Fresh Food

It is difficult for movers to relocate fresh produce long distance. While you may be able to pack a small amount in a cooler for your personal vehicle, it’s difficult for movers to keep food from becoming spoiled. Movers will be more likely to move food that is non-perishable. In addition, some states have their own laws regarding fresh food coming in from other states. Someone moving to Seattle is going to cross different laws then someone has different laws then moving to Phoenix.


It’s the role of movers to safeguard your belongings. However, it’s your role to carry valuable items which may not be replaceable in case of loss. Such valuables include cash, jewelry, crucial documents among others. Keep such items in a safe and carry them in your own car. Movers have no insurance for valuable items, so they legally cannot be held responsible if there was no agreement on these items beforehand.


Explosive items are likely to burn or explode thus presenting huge risks to everyone. Such items include gasoline, matches, black powder, igniters among many others. While some movers will relocate firearms, they won’t move the ammunition. Most movers are prohibited from moving explosives under safety standard laws.


Pets are another big no! There are laws protecting animals, so they cannot be moved like the rest of your home. Pets have the right to safe transportation. The moving truck doesn’t have much ventilation, so this can cause your pet to possibly suffocate. If you need to move your pet, then consider carrying them in your own vehicle or hiring a professional animal mover. Items Movers Can't Move – Safety Standards


Movers are not allowed by interstate laws to move any type of plant. It’s against the law to move pants in a distance of more than 150 miles without a license from your State Plant Regulatory. The aim here is to reduce the spread of harmful diseases and pests attacking plants. Besides that, live plants are likely to wither and die due to moving conditions. Moving trucks have no special storage for plants since they are mostly covered by extreme weather conditions. If you are moving within your state, then it’s advisable to carry the plants on your own. Wrap them carefully to avoid any destruction.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials include acids, chemical, aerosols, paints, fertilizers, batteries and more. The moving company will first provide you with a list of materials they cannot take before they pack your belongings. However, the good news is that you can easily dispose of such materials at a local waste collection center. Don’t make a mistake of trying to dispose of them on your normal garbage. They can be harmful to the public, which is a reason why movers won’t relocate them for you.

Powered Tools

Professional movers won’t move any powered equipment containing fuel. Examples include machines and motorcycles. You must first empty the fuel tank before professional movers move them.


This is another item which requires a special license depending on the relocation state. Establish first whether your state allows moving of liquors before you pack them.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a few reasons behind why movers are unable to move certain items for you. When it comes to the list of items movers can’t move, the reasons for each often come down to state laws, permits, and/or the mover not being comfortable relocating the items. Before you start the packing process, make sure your move complies with state laws to help ensure your movers relocate everything safely and lawfully.

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