Legal to Order Essay Online
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Is it Legal to Order Essay Online?

Students getting help with their workload from online writing services is not at all an uncommon situation in today’s education system. The reason to use this sort of third-party assistance may vary. And the punishment – should they get outed – is always the same.

Best case scenario you’ll be getting a failing grade for the assignment from your professor. The worst-case may involve flunking the entire course or even getting expelled.

The logic behind such a harsh reaction when one decides to order essay elsewhere is not hard to understand. After all, a student is given assignments to learn something new, do some research on the subject and showcase their newly acquired knowledge.

Still, when you have to turn in three assignments by morning and get ready to pass an exam in four hours, there’s not really much choice left.

The Big Question

Let’s not delay presenting the essence of this article any further. The answer to the big question in the title is yes. It is, in fact, entirely legal to order an essay from online websites.

There is no special police unit dedicated to investigating students. You won’t find yourself in a dark room with an FBI agent who’s about to waterboard you for a confession. That being said, there are other things you have to worry about.

What is overlooked by the judicial system is heavily enforced by the higher education system. Your mark for any given assignment is entirely dependent on your professor’s subjective criteria.

The grade can depend on your lecture attendance, your research skills, your written tests, anything. They may also have zero tolerance for outsourced work.

Things to Watch Out For

Sometimes you just have no other option but to take the risk. No need to panic or stress out about it. It’s just a part of the process. You are not the first student to find yourself in this situation, and you are most certainly not the last one.

So if that happens, you have to watch out for a bunch of things with a particular focus on:

  • Deadlines;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Grammar;
  • Text familiarity.

The first three are pretty self-explanatory. These are the things you have to check regardless of whether you are writing your assignment yourself or if you’ve hired someone to do it for you. The services you go to don’t take responsibility if your assignment got a failing grade, you do.

That’s why selecting a reliable online essay writer service to fall back to when the need comes is a must. Text familiarity, on the other hand, is a thing that’s exclusive to outsourced work. If a professor wants to check if it’s your work or not, the very first thing they’ll do is start quizzing you on the assignment you’ve turned in.

You may not have done it yourself, but you should always get to know every letter on every page. This will help you avoid getting busted on some minor terminology you didn’t bother to read through the whole paper.

When you receive an assignment you’ve ordered, go through it a couple of times before you turn it in. If you have some extra time, you might even want to revise some paragraphs to add a personal flair to it.

Recruit an unfortunate passerby, sit them down beside you, and try to explain the entirety of your paper to them. Make them quiz you on it. It never hurts to be extra prepared, even if your roommate happens to get a collateral migraine.

The Morality of It All

The morality of using online help has been a hotly debated topic since the moment it became a thing. The opponents claim that it is cheating the system that’s designed to grade every student fairly based on their abilities.

The supporters cite ridiculous workloads students have to face and the fact that hard work still gets you better grades than an occasional purchased essay. The debate itself is pretty pointless. After all, both sides have a point.

Regardless of whether you think paying your way through written assignments is right or wrong, you have to consider one thing. Your course selection and a textbook might be dated, and your lecturer might be about to turn a century old. Still, at the end of the day, a college is a place for learning. If you skip some parts of the process, the least you can do is make sure you spend that carved out time productively.

Out there in the real world, your credentials do have some weight to them. But they don’t matter as much as raw skills and experience. Online writing services are supposed to be your last resort and not the preferred way to approach every assignment. It is a great tool that can save you plenty of time and effort if you know when it’s appropriate to use it.

When you need to relieve some pressure and win some time – don’t hesitate to use them. But you won’t be able to get your Master’s degree and feel like it actually means something if you are piggybacking off of someone else’s work all the time.

Legal to Order Essay Online

Final Words

The stress that builds up throughout the semester is enough to overwhelm anyone. Curriculum, exam results, attendance, deadlines – you can’t worry about all those things at once. Although you have to remember that just because purchasing essays is not illegal doesn’t mean you can’t get in trouble for it.

So if you feel like you are being overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to study properly – by all means, order an essay online.

Make sure that the final result is quality work and that you’re not caught buying it. Your main priority is to get your degree and get out, preferably learning something new along the way. And this is valid if a bit questionable crutch to help you attain your goals.

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