Is it Legal to Gamble Online in Every State in the USA?

Gambling online is becoming increasingly popular these days.  Not only in America but all over the world. Citizens are betting on sports, poker games, among others such as 918kiss Malaysia.  Online gambling is legal in many countries around the world, however, when it comes to the United States things can get a bit complicated especially when you go state by state.  

Technically it is illegal to gamble according to most federal laws in America.  Although there are loopholes and amendments across the country that state you may be able to gamble legally.  Some states are fully legal and several others are in the process of trying to get online gambling legalized at least in some form.  

Currently, there are eight states in which online gambling is considered totally legal mostly in the eastern half of the country.   Below is a list of different states and what may or may not be considered legal when it comes to online gambling.  


In the state of Wyoming, you can gamble “socially” otherwise it’s illegal to gamble online in Wyoming.  If charged for gambling online you will face a fine of $750 and up to six months in jail.


There are some “state allowed” forms of gambling in Wisconsin, however, any other forms of gambling such as bets made online are considered a class b misdemeanor for the bettor.

West Virginia

In the state of West Virginia, there are several casinos where you can gamble legally.  They also have what is called “slot parlors” that allow you to play slot machines legally as well.  However, any other kind of gambling is considered illegal throughout the state. If you make a bet you are obligated to pay a fine of anywhere between five dollars and $300.  If you don’t pay the fine you will be ordered to spend between 10 and 30 days in jail.


The state of Washington has made several attempts to legalize and regulate poker over the internet.  However, those attempts to pass HB1114 were unsuccessful thus far. There are some forms of legal gambling in Washington, but the current law states that if you transmit or receive gambling information over the internet you can be charged with a class c felony.   


According to the statutes in Virginia, you cannot in any way make a wager on anything left to chance.  Your computer is considered a gambling device if you use it to make a wager as well. If you do so, then you may be charged with a Class III misdemeanor.


In Utah, it is totally illegal to gamble in any way shape or form.  There was even a recent amendment that specifically mentions online gambling.  It is considered patently and expressly illegal and is considered a Class B Misdemeanor.


There are some forms of gambling that are “State-Sanctioned”.  If you do engage in any of the forms of gambling that is illegal in the state you are subject to a fine of anywhere between $10 and $200.


In the state of Tennessee, some gambling is legal by state law.  However, if you use any kind of electronic device to make a wager then it would be considered that you are in possession of an illegal gambling device.  In such a case you could be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor.


You cannot participate in wagering on any game decided by chance in Texas.  If you do this you are committing a Class C Misdemeanor. However, there are some state-sanctioned games of chance considered legal.  

South Carolina

If you gamble or operate a gambling institution in your South Carolina home you may be subject to harsh penalties.  Although the state laws don’t mention anything about online gambling you can be charged with a $100 and up to 30 days in jail.  The laws here are quite ambiguous and open to broad interpretation.

South Dakota

You could be charged with a Class 2 Misdemeanor if you engage in gambling that is not already state legalized.

Rhode Island

There is no mention of online gambling in the Rhode Island statutes, however, if you participate in what is called “social games” you are subject to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.


All forms of gambling are illegal in Pennsylvania, although the penalties appear to only be for operators and not players.


It is a Class A Misdemeanor for participating in any non-state sanctioned gambling in Oregon.


If you are involved in any form of gambling here that is not State authorized you can be fined $25 to $100 or 1 to 30 days in jail or both.  


There are no penalties for online gambling according to Ohio law.  However, that law does state that engaging in illegal gambling as a source of income including bookmaking and betting with a bookie is outlawed.  

North Dakota

You can make bets of up to $25 per event in this state.  If you exceed $25 with your wager you are subject to an infraction and if you go above $500 it is a Class A Misdemeanor.

New York

Online gambling operators are subject to penalties in New York for illegal gambling including online gambling.  However, players are not subject to penalties according to the statute, There is a Bill they are trying to pass that would consider Poker a game of skill and therefore not gambling.

North Carolina

Any game of chance is considered gambling in this state.  It is considered a CLass II Misdemeanor and any money gained from online gambling can be seized by the state.

New Mexico

All types of gambling and or “making a bet” are illegal in New Mexico.  It is considered a misdemeanor here as well.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is entirely legal to gamble online.  All of the crimes for other forms of gambling are pointed at operators and not bettors.  


Online Poker is legal in Nevada under State-Licensed operators, however, most people simply gamble at casinos instead.  

New Hampshire

All online gambling is considered illegal here.


If you risk “something of value” with any game up to chance then you have committed a Class IV Misdemeanor when the wager is up to $500.  If you bet more than $500 you are Promoting Gambling in the Second Degree.


It is technically not illegal to wager online in California according to State laws.   However, you may be subject to penalties on a more local level.


The law here states that gambling as a player is ok but being an operator is not ok.  

As for the rest of the states in the union where placing a wager is considered at least partially legal; they are Maine, Minnesota, and Delaware.  Alabama is fairly ambiguous when it comes to online gambling as well.

As always you should do your own due diligence when it comes to state and local laws.  The good thing is that many states are planning to put forth Bills up for House and Senate votes to get online gambling legalized across the board.

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