Is It a Good Idea to File an Accident Report
Halt | November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

Losing Control of Your Vehicle: Is It a Good Idea to File an Accident Report?

Accidents happen, and when they happen, anything can happen – injuries, damages, or worse, death. You may find yourself panicking and not knowing what to do next. Filing an accident report may not even cross your mind at this time. Or you may want to just assume filing one. But did you know that, in most situations, filing an accident report can be very essential? Well, yes it is. Please read on to know why.

Every state has their own unique rules and requirements concerning auto claims. In some states, you’ll be required to file a report if there were injuries or property damage of a certain value. Some states require you to file a report if the accident resulted in personal injuries or death. Driving off without filing a police report could be treated as a hit and run – and you’ll not like the consequences. Personal injury lawyers, such as the Coye Law Firm car and truck accident attorneys, are very aware of these requirements and can guide you on the legal steps to take.

  • Contains Important Information

A police report contains the most important information about the accident. It contains the date, time, location of the accident and the damages and injuries, if any, sustained by the passengers or drivers. It also contains details of the drivers, witness statements, and the possible cause of the accident. And if you lost control because of bad weather or poor road condition, this is a good chance to file a police report as this will be indicated in the report. This will help you should you or the other party files a lawsuit in determining the percentage you were at fault and hence appropriate compensation.

  • Acts as Evidence

Evidence is very important to winning any claim. And a police report is one of the evidence that you’ll need to present to the court as your defense. The other party could be giving false information about the cause and outcome of the accident, but the report will help clear any confusing information. The report is valued because it signifies an unbiased third-party report about the accident as it clears what appears to be hearsay stories. Your attorney will get the report for you from the police.

  • Increases Your Chances for a Higher Offer

Soon after the accident, the insurance adjuster will approach you with some offer. And since insurance companies are there to make as much profits as possible, there’s a high chance that this offer will be much lower than your rightful compensation. Your insurer will hardly pay for anything without enough proof and this is why the police report is essential. Otherwise, the insurer may easily dismiss your claim and you’ll have nothing to defend yourself. Will you really want this to happen to you? Of course not. So, ensure to file a police report as soon as possible should you find yourself in such a situation.


Auto injury claims are among the most common legal matters reported in all the states. Filing an accident report after losing control of your vehicle is the best idea because of various reasons explained above. In any situation, consulting your personal attorney will be important to ensure that you take the right legal steps.

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