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Is Hiring A Local Personal Injury Lawyer A Smart Move?

Personal injury cases can be very draining. As the victim, you’re already going through a lot of physical and emotional pain. On top of that, the treatments are bleeding your bank accounts dry. In the midst of all this, you’re supposed to build a compelling case to prove to the insurance adjusters that you deserve a settlement. If you are not careful, the litigation process can mess your recovery even more. And that’s why hiring a personal injury attorney is a smart move.

However, many people have a hard time deciding who to hire as their attorney. This is especially true when the injury happens away from home. Are you supposed to fly in your family lawyer or hire one from the area of the accidents?

Experts, including lawyers themselves, agree that hiring a local attorney is the best strategy. Here is why:

Benefits Of Hiring A Local Personal Injury Lawyer

1. They Understand The Local Laws

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Certain laws vary from state to state. Depending on the circumstances of your injuries, some of these laws can affect your case.

A local personal injury lawyer who comprehends the local regulations will deliver better results than an outsider who’s never practiced in the area.

Besides the laws, courtrooms can also have different rules.

For instance, a particular judge in Canton, GA, may have specific rules for his courtroom. This could vary from something like standing up while addressing the court to more strict regulations. In such a situation, hiring a car accident attorney in Canton, Georgia ensures that you do not break unspoken rules that can offend the Judge. A foreign attorney won’t know of such a rule.

2. They Know The Right People

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Connections can be beneficial during the litigation process. An experienced local attorney knows all the people involved in personal injury cases. This ranges from court personnel like clerks, prosecutors, and judges to police officers who could be involved in your case.

Your local personal injury lawyer can leverage these networks to ensure the litigation proceeds as smoothly as possible. They have the right contacts to call when there is an issue with the filing. They know the right local experts to call if the case goes to hearing. These are vital elements that give you a massive advantage throughout your claim.

3. They Know The Opposing Counsel

A local personal injury lawyer knows the legal community in the area. They know their fellow attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. They also know their attitudes and other minor details that can be valuable to your case.

This knowledge will help the lawyer build and negotiate a good settlement for you. It can also reduce penalties, charges, and even sentences in case you are found guilty in the case.

They Know The Opposing Counsel

4. You’ll Get Better Interactions With Your Lawyer

Good communication is crucial in personal injury cases. First, you need an in-person appointment with a lawyer to determine whether they are a good fit for you before hiring them. This is so much easier to do when the lawyer is based within your area.

Second, you have to communicate with the lawyer throughout the litigation. You’ll need to discuss settlement offers, court hearings, etc. You cannot do any of these effectively if your lawyer is located miles away.

5. They Have A Great Local Reputation

A good attorney will have a strong reputation in his area. They are highly respected by fellow lawyers, other people in courtrooms, and the community. The attorney will do their absolute best to deliver the best results for you to uphold their reputation.

The same cannot be said for foreign lawyers. An attorney who’s never been in the area may not be keen to bring their A-game to the table. They also know that a poor outcome might not affect their reputation that much since this is not their home court. It’s unethical, but it does happen, and the only way to avoid it is by hiring locally.

6. It Can Be Cheaper

If you make your attorney fly out of his home area to represent you, be assured that they will charge all the expenses incurred in their fees. That includes air tickets, meals, hotels, etc. These extra expenses can increase the attorney’s bill significantly.

A local attorney drives to the courtroom from his nearby home.

7. You’ll Be Investing In A Local

If you live in the area, it’s only fair that you invest in the local community. The payment you make to the lawyer will grow the local legal community.

It’s a win-win situation that benefits you, your attorney, and the community.

Hiring a local personal injury lawyer is in your best interest. It increases your chances of getting a favorable outcome, plus it’s good for your community.


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