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Iowa’s Two Best Law Colleges

Whether you want to be a corporate defense attorney, public defender, or an environmental lawyer, the first step is to identify the path to set your legal career. Graduating from the right university could make a significant difference in your prospects in the field of law.

The Best Iowa Law School

The Hawkeye state of Iowa has some reputable choices for those considering a career in law. They come from a long line of accomplishments and history, offering incredible learning experiences for all students.

Currently, Iowa has only two ABA-accredited law schools. Be that it may, both the universities make for excellent choices for anyone aspiring to get a law degree. This article provides a detailed overview of the two best Iowa law school: the University of Iowa College of Law and Drake University.

1. University of Iowa College of Law

The University of Iowa Law located in downtown Iowa City. The campus overlooks the Iowa River, and for a city designed as a UNESCO City of Literature, proudly houses a magnificent law library as well. The school welcomes a diverse community, including both students from all over the country, as well as international candidates.


As one of the oldest law colleges west of the Mississippi, the Iowa Law is deemed to be among the finest law schools in the country. The college has one of the rigorous admissions criteria, with a median LSAT score of 161 and with 83.2% of graduates employed within ten months of graduation.

Ranked 27 in the latest US News Top Law Schools, the college offers one of the coveted legal programs in the country. Iowa University Rankings 2020 has also found its place in number 23 in the Bar Passage rate and was ranked A in the Best Blue by the National Jurist.

Programs and Curriculum

The School offers an esteemed J.D program along with masters and specifications. There are also a number of combined degree programs partnering with other graduate departments.

The first-year of Iowa Law requires the completion of standard legal courses together with one elective during the spring term. The following years are almost exclusively composed of legal clinics and electives. Students can also benefit from several scholarship programs offered by the university as well as outside organizations.

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2. Drake University Law School

DU Law is a highly rated and accredited private university located in Des Moines in Iowa. Established in 1865, the school is one of the oldest 25 in the country. The academics at Drake stands apart by offering students legal education with essential lawyering skills as well as specialization.


The school is famed for its practical training and has been nationally recognized among the Best Law Schools in Practical Training and a rank of 105 in the US News list. It’s experiential academic courses are highly praised for providing the ideal balance between theory and hands-on professional training.

In the Bar passage Rate, the University ranks 86 at 81.5%, and among its graduates, 74.7% find jobs within ten months. The median LSAT score is 153, with an acceptance rate of 68%.

Programs and Curriculum

The standard courses for first-year students begin with an introduction to law, with all classes conducted inside a live courtroom for a week. The trial-focused curriculum offers invaluable learning opportunities and perspective compared to other law schools.

With over 30 law professors, the students receive personal attention encouraging insightful interactions with professors. The school provides an extensive list of specializations and electives for the J.D Degree. Drake University also awards $4 million annually for scholarships.

Which One to Choose?

Both Iowa law school come with their own merits and drawbacks. Consider where you would lick to practice law in the future, and your compatibility with the programs offered. Of course, you also have to take into account tuition and other expenses. If Iowa is your chosen location, why not apply to both?

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