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9 Intellectual Property Examples From Successful Brand Names

Are you considering building an online brand and need some intellectual property examples? If you’re just starting, the idea of finding a brand name can feel very difficult. You want a name that stands out and connects with your consumers.

If you’re building a brand online, example names from successful brands are essential. You will want to dissect every inch to find what works and what might not.

Let’s look at some great intellectual property examples and how you can learn from them.

1. Coca-Cola Is a Global Icon of Intellectual Property


Coca-Cola’s iconic branding and marketing strategies have allowed it to become one of the world’s most successful and recognizable brands. It is an example of how a company can become an intellectual property icon by investing in and striving to protect its trademarks.

Coca-Cola has protected its brand name and products against imitators and copycats. This is through a concerted effort to register, protect and enforce its intellectual property rights. This success is an example of intellectual property and shows the importance of protecting a brand’s trademarks.

2. Ferrari Is a Leveraging Timeless Brand Image

The company has become a synonymous figure in:

  • luxury
  • speed
  • performance

Ferrari has used their brand image to create an exclusive and aspirational lifestyle, connecting with their audience emotionally. Through licensed apparel, merchandise, racing events, and lifestyle campaigns, Ferrari has utilized its brand to create an iconic and timeless image that has facilitated success for many years.

Ferrari has employed their brand image to effectively increase sales and engage with global audiences by cultivating a sense of pride and exclusivity within their products.

3. Amazon Is a Harnessing Intellectual Property to Grow an Online Empire

Amazon owns several patents related to its technologies, such as the Alexa voice recognition system. The company also owns copyrights to its:

  • software code
  • web page designs
  • other content

Intellectual property has enabled Amazon to build an online empire that continues to grow and expand its core business. For example, Amazon has developed a successful Prime membership program that provides members with free shipping and exclusive access to content.

4. Mars Is an Establishing Diverse Collection of Intellectual Property

A Complete Guide to Intellectual Property Law

Mars has taken great strides in protecting its brand and intellectual property from a business perspective. They have also secured copyrights for multi-media commercial campaigns and unique designs for many of their products.

This IP has been essential to Mars’s growth and success, as it allowed them to maintain exclusive rights over the use of their products and designs. A SaaS Law Firm can help with this type of protective rights.

5. Apple Is Proving the Worth of a Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Intellectual Property (IP) is central to a company’s success, and no brand exemplifies this better than Apple. With a contingent of 8,000 IP assets, Apple’s IP Portfolio holds a staggering of:

  • 5,000 patents
  • 2,000 trademarks
  • more than 1,000 copyrights

These IP assets are used to protect the products and the brand in its commercial interests. Apple’s trademarks have been seen to have a global value of $182.7 billion and help the company remain unrivaled in its digital sphere.

6. Rolex With Its Acclaimed Logo Forming Its Reputation of Luxury

Rolex is a world-renowned name in luxury watches, and its acclaimed logo is a key part of the brand’s story. This instantly recognizable logo is a testament to the quality and appeal of Rolex watches.

Rolex watches are associated with the highest craftsmanship and quality, and the logo captures the sense of high-end excellence the Rolex brand is known for. The iconic logo forms part of Rolex’s intellectual property and is key to its success as a brand.

7. McDonald’s As the Appeal of Golden Arches

The “Golden Arches” is a clear example of intellectual property, as it has been trademarked and copyrighted to symbolize McDonald’s exclusive identity. The branding of the logo has been essential to the growth of McDonald’s over the years.

Its distinct and recognizable aesthetic makes marketing the company easy and recognizable around the world. Its appeal lies in the following:

  • bright colors
  • simple design
  • kid-friendly themes

8. Nike With Its Designs Behind Its Trademark Swoosh

Carolyn Davidson, a graphic arts student at Portland State University, designed the Swoosh. She presented the design in 1971, and Nike adopted it shortly after. Its simple but elegant design symbolizes the company’s dedication to innovation, quality, and performance.

While there were attempts to use the design without permission and by several other companies, Nike remains the sole owner of the copyright of the Swoosh and is fiercely protective of it.

9. Marriott With a Quiet Luxury Crafted Experience


Marriott is a great example of successful brand-name intellectual property examples. The Marriott brand has become synonymous with luxury, crafted experiences, and intuitive service. It represents a portfolio of hotel, resort, and timeshare properties offering inviting, dependable, high-quality accommodations with high-class amenities and intuitive service.

The Marriott brand has grown and evolved around these principles and is a great example of how a successful brand can leverage human intellect to distinguish itself from the competition.

Read More About Intellectual Property Examples

Intellectual property is an important asset to any business. It is important to understand the principles around it and the protections it brings.

If you are a business looking to protect your intellectual property, it is recommended that you take some steps to ensure protection and learn more about intellectual property examples.

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