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A Few Instances Where You Require the Help of a Lawyer

How do you gauge the seriousness between receiving a ticket for going beyond the speed limit and robbing a bank? Of course, it needs no mention that the second one is a grave offence and one that can cost the robbers a lifetime imprisonment sentence. But, does that mean that going above the set speed limit at the traffic is a minuscule offence? Absolutely not, because breaking the traffic rules could mean ruining several lives on the road. You never know when you find yourself in an accident and have blood on your hands. There are also instances where you would be left wondering whether you need legal counsel or have to rope in a lawyer or not. More often than not, things reside in the realms of grey, and it then becomes difficult to reach to a conclusive decision; especially when the matters are legal in nature. Some legal offences might require a lawyer (read, robbery) while on the other hand, some would not. Therefore, it is essential that we, as responsible citizens, are aware of the law and understand the seriousness of the issues, so that we can make a better decision regarding handling these situations.

Difference between the Civil Law and the Criminal Law:

The basic difference between the civil law and the criminal law lies in the fact that a civil law does not involve criminal activities like breaking the law, murdering someone, assaulting someone or armed robbery. Civil law basically deals with the violation of someone’s right, divorce cases, child custody, real estate issues or a circumstance where an individual demands compensation for being wronged in some way.

On the other hand, criminal law deals with cases like that of armed robbery, the one we mentioned at the beginning of the article. Any crime that breaks the law at the state level or the federal level is termed as a criminal offence and can range from misdemeanours to felonies. The sentences to criminal offences are graver and can even be a lifetime imprisonment.

So now that we have established the differences between civil law and criminal law, we shall move on to providing a few instances where you must seek legal help and understand the seriousness of the situation that you are in.

Being Fired from Workplace Wrongfully:

Not many people seek legal help when they are fired from their workplace wrongfully because most often than not, they feel like the fault lies on their part. They are too unsure whether they have real grounds on which they can sue their employers for the termination. Therefore, in this situation, you must first go through the terms and conditions of the contract that you were made to sign during the hiring process. If you find any room for the wrongful termination, you must approach your lawyer immediately for redressal.

Driving Under Influence (DUI):

Driving Under Influence is a grave offence, and one that might come at the cost of many lives. Whether you have been driving under influence or someone else, there are always lives at stake and might land you in terrible legal troubles. Therefore, contact a criminal lawyer with immediate effect if you happen to find yourself in such a situation. For instance, if you happen to find yourself in an accident near Chicago, it is important that you talk to a lawyer specific to the area, which in this case would be a Chicago dui lawyer. They will guide you through the tricky situation and help you understand what needs to be done and how you should behave. Finally, it is important that you acknowledge the seriousness of the act and never indulge in driving under influence ever again in your life.

Divorces and Child Custody:

Divorces and seeking for the custody of a child are sensitive issues and must be dealt with as such. You cannot go about handling a divorce case, especially when you have a child involved in it, all by yourself. If you find your marriage falling apart and see no way around to sort the issues, it is probably time to contact a divorce lawyer. Also, if you have a child, you might need to be a tad cautious about your behaviour around the child and think of subtle ways to go about the divorce so that the transition is easy on your part. And seeking the counsel of a lawyer can help you in this regard.


It might be quite a challenging task to understand the situations where one needs a lawyer and where one does not. Hopefully, the points that we have mentioned throughout the length and breadth of the article should do some justice to clarifying your understanding of the same, and guide you through the difficult process of roping in a lawyer for the legal turmoil you find yourself in. Get help from the right lawyer for your case and things shall pretty much start falling in their places.


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