Injured Working at a Construction Site
Halt | July 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

Injured Working at a Construction Site? Here’s What You Should Do

Many industries are hazardous, and the workers involved in those occupations are at a heightened risk of injury. The construction sector is by far among the most dangerous.

Many construction workers get injured all around the country every week, and many of these accidents are fatal. If you were hurt in such an accident, here are a few steps to take that might put you in a favorable position to bring a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim.

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Gather Evidence

When you get hurt at a construction site, you might not have enough time to take any pictures, record videos, or get statements from witnesses. However, you can ask a co-worker nearby to snap a few pictures quickly with their mobile to capture the unsafe conditions in that area. You should do this right away since the hazard that caused your injuries might be fixed promptly. Also, you might want to ask a co-worker to write down the names of everyone who witnessed what happened, as well as their home addresses, phone number and statements.

Seek Medical Care

If you have been seriously injured on site, then you need to call an ambulance immediately or have someone else call 911. Even if your injuries do not seem that severe, you should visit a doctor right away so your condition is officially documented. Putting off medical care is one of the primary mistakes that cause insurance companies to dispute claims. By seeing a doctor promptly, you not only will have official records that you suffered an injury, but it could also be easier for your attorney to tie the injury to the accident and prove causation.

Report the Accident

You must report everything as soon as possible after the accident. Sometimes failing to report an accident within a particular timeframe can make it more difficult to bring a workers’ compensation claim. Notifying your manager right away can create a paper trail that might serve as essential evidence to support your claim.

Research Workers’ Compensation Laws

The report that you file with your employer or manager will start the process of bringing a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes it is advisable to bring a personal injury claim instead. An attorney can review your case to determine the best course of action.

Regardless of the type of action you bring, you should research the relevant laws so you don’t make inadvertent mistakes or miss any deadlines. Here again, a lawyer can help you understand what you need to know throughout the proceedings and take care of the technical aspects of your case.

Speak with an Attorney

After seeking medical care, the smartest step you can take to protect your case is to speak with an attorney. If you need to find a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach, CA, contact the Law Office of Michael D. Waks. This law firm offers free consultations and accepts personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation cases.

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