Injured in a Car Accident
Halt | October 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

Injured in a Car Accident? Here’s How to Get the Compensation You Deserve

Over 2.5 million visits to the Emergency Room in the United States yearly are due to vehicle-related accidents. That is why it’s the leading cause of injury in the country. In fact, lifetime medical expenditures attributed to injuries related to car accidents reaches up to $18 billion. In an event that has caused you or your loved ones to get injured, you are entitled to some form of compensation to cover for losses due to the incident.

Here are tips on how to get the compensation you deserve:

1.   Get Information

Usually, when filing for a claim, you won’t be dealing directly with the driver of the other car. The insurance company of the other party will work with you on their behalf. If you are able, you might want to get the information about the other driver while on the scene. You may want to get their name and their contact information, along with their insurance company.

In Dallas, over 35,000 car accidents happen every year, and virtually in all of those incidents, the other party’s insurance company is never on the side of the injured party. Getting the most information for your Dallas personal injury lawyer to use will be to your best interest. So take pictures of the incident, that shows the location, damages on each of the cars, and the license plates for your legal team to place you in a better position to get the compensation you deserve.

2.   Call the Authorities

Dial 911 to call for police and medical assistance. The police officer will collect evidence on the scene, talk to both parties, interview witnesses, and submit an official report. Your legal team will then get a copy of the report to file the claim.

3.   Keep a Safe Distance

While waiting for the police and the medical team, you might want to keep a safe distance from your car and the road. Both of your vehicles may partially obstruct the highway and you don’t want to get into another collision while you wait. Exercise extreme caution when getting into oncoming traffic. If you’re injured and can’t move, just wait for the police and the emergency team to arrive.

4.   Never Admit Fault

It’s important to stay calm and only talk when necessary. Don’t talk to the other driver or even to witnesses except for getting their name and insurance information. If the other driver wants to talk, let them, you’re not obliged to respond even if they admit the accident was their fault. Never open a conversation willfully until the police arrive and record whatever conversations you may have with the other driver. The important thing is to talk less to avoid implicating yourself unintentionally.

5.   Seek Medical Attention

Even if it’s just a graze or a minor scratch, it’s important to seek medical attention at the earliest possible opportunity. Even if you feel fine, always let the emergency team evaluate you. This doesn’t only protect your physical wellbeing, the findings of the medical team will be useful to any future claims of personal injuries due to the accident.

Injuries from a car accident may stick with you all your life. Your losses don’t only end on the medical bills and car repairs, if you were unavailable to do your job or have lost the ability to earn through your normal means, you will need to get compensated for that. It’s important to act as soon as possible for you to get the maximum recovery for the incident and move on with getting back control of your life.

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