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Injured At Work? How To Find The Right Legal Protection

Most people when they get injured at work become hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer to help them process their compensation claim. A number of them say they can’t find a trustworthy lawyer to take care of their case. A recent poll reveals that the Australian population has a flawed perception concerning the trustworthiness of lawyers.

If you’ve been injured and had a back injury at work and don’t know how to find good legal protection, then this article is for you.

Here are a few search tips you can use to get the right legal protection by finding the best personal injury lawyer on the market:

Tips To Find The Right Legal Protection


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Your family and friends are a great resource to use when looking for suggestions. Just about everyone knows a person who was physically hurt at work and needed the help of a compensation lawyer. In your inquiry ask about what kind of experience they had with that specific legal team and if they would recommend them or not.


Do your research thoroughly, start by researching different lawyers online to see through the marketing promises and uncover more insightful information. For example, read the lawyer’s bio/profile – try and identify things the lawyer cares about. Then read online reviews about the lawyer in question and get a sense of what clients say. You need to also perform a Google search with the lawyer’s name and the word “complaint” – through this you can discover any hidden nuggets the lawyer you are considering could be hiding.

Before You Sign Talk About Fees

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Make sure the contract you sign when engaging your injury lawyer is not hard to comprehend. If there’s a fine print you’re not certain about, you have the liberty to ask the lawyer in question to further explain the sections you’re not sure about. A transparent and sympathetic lawyer will be glad to take some time to make sure you are more confident about the contract you’re about to sign.

Beware Of Empty Promise Lawyers

For example, if a law protection firm says it has a success rate of 98% or guarantees to win your case, it means they nitpick the easiest cases and leave the difficult ones to others or they are ignorant of the risks that come with litigation.

Lawyers Training

Check if the lawyer or legal team is fit to handle your legal matter by asking about their experience in handling similar cases.

Will They Personally Handle Your Case

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It’s a common practice for law firms to come with a senior associate in the first consultation, only to hand your case to a junior lawyer as soon as you’ve signed. So the bottom line is to know who will be handling your case exactly and ask about when you can have a word with them.


Follow your gut feeling, that small voice in your head telling you the outcome of whether the individual or company can be trusted or not, is always right, pay attention to that voice! If for whatever reason you have a problem understanding your lawyer and think speaking to another legal team may help, go right ahead and follow your gut feeling.

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