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What Is Employment Law And What Does An Employment Lawyer do?

The world we are living in today is bound by laws. These laws serve to facilitate or improve the lifestyle of the people in a society. In addition, they protect the safety of everyone against abuses from different institutions, other people, or the government. Sometimes, the law dictates who has the right to exercise what type of power.

But unfortunately, it is not so easy to live a prosperous life with the problems that everyone encounters daily. Like in a workplace, an individual confronts many issues that result in stress and mental harm. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid these issues, but certain ways help an individual deal with them.

What Is Employment Law?

how much does an employment lawyer cost

Employment law comprises a set of principles that includes everything from appointing, management, supervision, promotion, and workplace complaints. This law controls the relationship between an employer and a team member. It also upholds and protects the rights of both parties. The complaints may include forced or willing termination of clients, seizing rights and privileges of employees, issues with salaries and benefits, legal rights of the employees or employers, and more.

This law has great significance on everyday life as people spend a great part of their lives in the workplace. It is very common to have issues in a place where people of different personalities and different backgrounds gather to work. But sometimes, these issues lead to some serious consequences and for which, laws are formulated. As a result, you may need a great employment lawyer such as Stacey Ball.

What Is The Need For Employment?

Employment law aims to ease every individual in the workplace. Without it, the condition of the working world would be reckless. This law was created to provide structure and rules for employers and employees. And in case a business or organization goes against a law, it might face devastating consequences through fines and legal actions.

So, these employment laws prevail in a sound and peaceful work environment where people of different personalities and backgrounds work together. Employment laws help the employees by preventing discrimination whether racial or gender, prohibits favoritism in privileges and promotions. These laws forbid bullying and offensive behavior. Employment laws promote the safety and protection of employees.

Issues Encountered In The Workplace

Discrimination in the Workplace

Employment laws are really important in the way that they greatly influence the time of an individual in an institution or a workplace. Therefore, employment law tends to facilitate both an employee or employer.

The following are the number of issues encountered by the people working there. These include:

  • Data preservation problems
  • Communication and coordination issues
  • Bullying
  • Offensive behavior
  • Unfair balance of power
  • Delayed pay
  • Health and safety
  • Gender discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Minimum wage disputes
  • Overtime disputes

Employment Lawyers

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An employment lawyer represents an employee, but the lawyer may also represent a group of employees or an employer. An employment lawyer is responsible for

  • Collecting and gathering information
  • Carrying out research
  • Composing relevant documents
  • Preparing paperwork
  • Providing consultation
  • Tackling dispute through negotiation
  • Organizing the agreement

Any individual in a workplace needs an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer is helpful in legal procedures. Employment lawyers can be found in various institutions, HR departments, and employment agencies. In addition, employers might reach out to an employment lawyer to ensure that employees comply with the outlined law.

Employment Lawyer Claudia Pollak also provides great facilities in this progressing issue. They provide consultation and aim to serve employees who face issues ranging from discrimination, bullying, and wrongful termination. The employment lawyers advise their clients about workplace issues, orient them to all the agreement elements, and arrange settlements when required. So, when getting an employment lawyer, you’ll need to find one who can keep up with the ever-changing employment laws and practices.


Grown-ups have to spend the maximum part of their day in a workplace. So, a peaceful atmosphere is the need of a workplace. The workplace is usually an environment in which team members with differing personalities, communication ways, and differing world views interact. These differences tend to be the source of workplace issues that might lead to stress. And even though all team members need to be treated fairly, some of them tend to face harassment and discrimination.

The issue that develops in the organizations leads to some mental and psychological problems. The role of an employment lawyer in sorting out the issues of an organization or a workplace can’t be denied. So, it is a good idea to hire an employment lawyer when an employee or employer encounters any problem in the workplace.


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