Matter Management Software
Halt | July 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

Improve Your Law Firm’s Workflow

5 Things You Can Do with Matter Management Software

In the legal field, Matter Management Software is a great addition to any law firm, though it is not required. Opting for such software can help keep all crucial information pertaining to the job in one secure and convenient place. In fact, there are a plethora of things one can do when going digital, as you’ll soon find out.

1. Import and organize documents electronically

One of the best things about Matter Management Software is that all documents, forms, images, and other potent information can be imported and stored securely. Then when you need to access the information, it is quick and easy to pull up.

In a way, matter management software acts like a manila folder, only allowing you to go paper-free and find everything you need on one single platform. Best of all, if you need to find a document as soon as possible, just use a search bar to find exactly what you need.

2. Engage in quicker communication

Working in the legal field, communication is key. Texting, calling, e-mailing, and the like can all get tedious – especially the more methods of communication you opt for. But with matter management software, e-mails can be organized easily and saved for later.

You can even store and pull up clients’ phone numbers and other contact information as well as manage appointment times, and reschedule if necessary, via matter management software.

3. Manage invoices and expenses

Get paid faster and more conveniently with easier-to-send invoices that you can view at any time. Even track time to ensure you’re accurately charging your hourly rates to your clients.

You can also track or log any firm expenses and view reporting of your firm’s overall process, making both firm decisions and tax reporting that much easier.

4. Tend to legal matter management anywhere you go

67 percent of lawyers and 78 percent of small law firms stated that they believe one of the top benefits of using matter management software is due to the ease of data access from anywhere, according to Law Technology Today.

Because you can access your software both from a desktop or from a mobile device via an app, there’s no need to bring around heavy stacks of documents with you wherever you go as long as you have a working device on you to access what you need digitally.

5. Reduce errors on the job for better profitability

Of course, with a more competent, faster, and systematized way to store information, communication, and the like, this means you can decrease the amount of errors you make on the job, improving your profitability with time.

No more forgetting to e-mail a client back, losing important documents, or losing track of appointments and task due dates. Matter management software ensures you can get things done exactly when you need them to be while providing literally everything you need get it done, all in one realm.

Wrapping Up

Overall, from better document organization to reduction in manual errors, matter management software is worth the cost. In the long-run, paying for legal matter management software can help make your firm more money as you can quickly and more efficiently tend to clients’ needs. In turn, your firm will be viewed as a more reputable legal source.

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