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How To Improve The Credibility & Public Image Of Your Legal Practice

Whenever someone is on the lookout for a law firm to work with, they’re usually thinking about which one that they can trust the most. That’s why so many mass media commercials for legal practices focus on how they can be trusted and how long they’ve been in business. A vast majority of prospective clients come from far outside of the legal profession, and it’s likely that most of them are unfamiliar with the way the law is practiced. As a result, they’re simply looking for a firm that they can personally consider to be credible in spite of their inexperience.

While you wouldn’t be able to establish your firm as a credible one in only a short period of time, there certainly are some things that you can do that will help to bolster the public image of your practice. Clients often look for older firms that have been around for some time, but many of these should work for those who run newer practices that haven’t yet attracted a regular client base.

Tips To Improve The Credibility Of Your Law Firm

Offer An Excellent Experience For Your Customers

Offer An Excellent Experience For Your Customers

Even the newest law firms should treat all of their clients as individuals and provide the best customer service possible to them in order to establish credibility. If you were looking for an attorney, then chances are that you wouldn’t think very highly of one who failed to answer their phone calls or never got back to you. Keep this in mind when you communicate with your clients.

Talk to your clients in a professional manner. Just as doctors have to have an excellent bedside manner, you need to communicate with your clients in a way that shows that you care. Specialization might help with this to some degree.

Consider focusing on one area of law. Offices that stretch themselves out too thin might risk running into cases that they don’t completely understand, which can make them look inexperienced to potential future clients. Criminal defense attorneys may wish to focus exclusively on that side of the law. Likewise, if you work in real estate or patent law you’ll probably want to emphasize these aspects rather than trying to attract clients who need assistance with every possible case.

This emphasis on appropriate communications should filter over into your promotional messages as well.

Tailor Your Marketing Properly

Tailor Your Marketing Properly

There’s more to promotion than simply getting the word out. Make sure that your messages are all consistent and focus on the type of law you deal with. Don’t make claims that you can’t support with facts. Not only is this potentially unlawful, but it could also make it seem that you’re not completely truthful. When a client notices this about a law office, they might very well start to think that said office may be untruthful about other things as well.

The visual aesthetic is important as well, regardless of the fact that it’s often forgotten about in the legal profession. You want your firm to look credible yet attractive enough to get people’s attention. Using creative law firm logos and sharp-looking typography is an excellent way to turn heads without making it look like you’re not a credible organization.

These items will translate well into web design as well as social media posts. You’ll want everything that your law office puts out to have a uniform look if at all possible. Pay attention to what other organizations in your space are doing. There’s a fairly good probability that one of the larger firms is putting out unbecoming promotional materials online that focus on the size of their firm.

Once you’ve found that, you’ll have an excellent example of what not to do.

Customizing Every Aspect Of The Marketing Journey

Customizing Every Aspect Of The Marketing Journey

Since digital marketing efforts can be managed from a single computer screen, you may not even have to work with many outside organizations to boost your office’s credibility. You may even look at this as an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert. By using a content marketing platform you can help to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field, which might not involve anything more than writing a few blog posts on a regular basis.

You may want to consider writing more about aspects of the law that few attorneys discuss, which could help to promote your image to future clients. At the same time, you may consider cultivating online reviews. Even negative reviews are helpful since some people find a lack of them to look suspicious. These are also a chance to address concerns and show others that you’re working to constantly fine-tune what you do.

No matter what kind of angle you pick, always stay above the petty bickering that too often defines online communication. Doing so can go a long way toward showing the world just how credible you can be.

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