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Have Your Law Firm Evolve With Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Tactics

Mohammad Siddiqui (MBA, Legal Marketing Lead) with LawFirmMarketing360 says “Marketing tactics vary from industry to industry and even at the business level. If you’re using cold calls as a marketing tactic at an insurance company, it will not be effective when implemented at a retail shop or a law firm. Speaking with top PI law firm agencies, we found out quality marketing for personal injury lawyers is booming these days as personal injury keyword popularity has skyrocketed due to the direct results it drives for injury lawyers and is one of the most expensive PPC (pay per click) channel budget marketing that yields great case acquisition results”.

Personal injury law firm marketing has evolved and come a long way from the initial door-to-door campaigns, billboards, and TV ads. In 1995 the hype was all around email marketing campaigns to generate leads, however, nowadays email marketing has become redundant or a compliment on main injury lawyer marketing campaigns including SEO & PPC (AKA Google Ads). Times have changed and proper marketing tactics are required to ensure stable business growth.

Accountable Data-Driven & Results-Driven Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing & Keywords Analysis

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Before you ensure a proper “data-driven” personal injury lawyer marketing strategy and outsource it to an experienced marketing firm, it is important to know that you are doing accountable data-driven results-driven marketing.

Accountable marketing starts with proper personal injury lawyer keywords selection that drives high intent buyers to site through organic SEO, Local SEO & Ads.

Data-driven marketing is looking at data and holding the marketing campaigns accountable for any leads generation, volumes and conversion rates. Previously, law firms would pay a bunch of money to old-fashioned marketing firms to run ads and create brand awareness. However, there was no accountability for the money. Marketing was done for the sake of it and was considered as an added expense.

However, things are changing and online internet marketing has very accurate traffic on traffic driven, leads generated and cases acquired, and this field is constantly growing. Firms are questioning where their money is being spent and how much revenue is being generated per dollar marketing expense.

Adjust With The Personal Injury Marketing Changing Dynamics

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Many law firms are following traditional marketing techniques and relying on word of mouth to generate business. However, the marketing landscape has changed over the years and you may have noticed it with all the hype around marketing jargons like SEO, organic growth, and so on.

Marketing eventually moved from 1995 emails to websites where corporations invested money to create their own websites. This was great for creating a brand image and also awareness. Website traffic generation, leads, and conversions saw a boom in this era.

Slowly after 2010, SEO and social media were added to the marketing concoction. However, today there are different strategies and techniques like proximity native ads, local SEO, Organic SEO, video ads, remarketing, PPC, and more.

Companies moving from traditional marketing strategies and adopting new and innovative marketing ideas and techniques have seen exponential growth in their business.

Important Personal Injury Law Firm Statistics You Should Know

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When deciding to invest in innovative modern marketing strategies, you should lookout for a couple of statistics.

In 2019, a legal trends report surveyed legal clients on their perceptions about a law firm. These perceptions are important to work on for law firms to gain traction and increase their business. Some of their main concerns included:

  • Almost half the respondents stated that it is a challenge finding the right law firm to combat their legal challenges
  • More than 75% of the respondents feel that it is important to know the experience and qualifications of a lawyer
  • Around 70% of the people don’t know legal processes and would like more information
  • More than 60% are concerned about costs and initial quotations for legal cases

These statistics are important as these are the most searched keywords on Google for personal injury law. Following these trends and acting accordingly can help your law firm become a voice in this space thus gaining valuable business.

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