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Important Motorcycle Safety Tips When Riding This Summer

Did you know that 5000 people were killed in motorcycle accidents which represent about 14% of the traffic-related deaths in 2019? This might seem like a very high number but motorcycle deaths have slowly decreased over the years, due to an increase in safety standards.

When it comes to hitting wide-open roads this summer, safety should be your number one priority. Read on below and find out some of the most important motorcycle safety tips.

Pre-Inspection on Your Ride

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The most important thing you can do before you head out is to pre-inspect your motorcycle. Check if your brake is working correctly, your headlights work, your indicators work, and your taillight is operating.

This check will ensure your motorcycle is in working order and the chances of having problems on the open road are almost none. While you are at it, you could even lubricate your chain and sprocket.

Use the Correct Gear

Heading out without the correct gear is asking for trouble. Always use good quality leathers, jackets, boots, and most importantly, a good helmet. If your helmet is open face, then use good riding glasses or goggles.

No matter how warm the conditions are, riding out with a pair of shorts, sandals and a t-shirt won’t help protect you against road rash, in the event of a fall. Wearing quality men’s leather pants may protect you from minor injury if you fall. Should you happen to fall and need some legal advice, click for more.

Prevent Motorcycle Mishaps

Know Your Limits

Once you set out on your ride, this is where the fun all starts. Know your limits on the motorcycle and don’t push them. Going faster or turning harder than what you are used to, will only end in one way.

It is important to remember that you are there to have fun and crashing is no fun at all. Taking a leisurely ride, while sticking to the speed limit, is as enjoyable as pushing speed boundaries.

Be Comfortable With Your Passenger

Who doesn’t enjoy having a passenger on the back? You do have to make sure that you are comfortable that your passenger plays their part and won’t be the cause of an accident.

Brief your passenger before they go on the road about what they should and shouldn’t do. For an added touch make sure your passenger has the correct gear when joining you. It might be a good idea to go for a test run beforehand to explain the dos and don’t a little better.

Compromise on Motorcycle

Don’t Compromise on Motorcycle Safety

Going for long weekend rides, enjoying the scenery, and seeing the countryside like never before should be the biggest goal when going out riding. Motorcycle safety should never be compromised and by following these simple steps, you will make the most out of your ride.

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