Writing A Will Before Your Death
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Understanding The Importance Of Writing A Will Before Your Death

Your eventual demise is a reality that no human being on this planet can escape what life has to present to us. Though, you can make sure that your estate is utilized or distributed in a manner of your choosing, rather than your local government deciding what happens to everything that you spent your entire life building. The way this can be done is by writing a will which is a legal document that declares what will happen to your earnings after you have passed away. There is still an overwhelming number of people that don’t have their will drafted and have no intentions of doing that either. If you are someone that is still skeptical about writing a will or are someone that just doesn’t have enough knowledge about one, this article will help you understand the importance of writing a will.

Writing A Will

Importance Of Writing A Will Before Your Death

Deciding The Beneficiaries Of Your Assets & Property

For most people, it is common knowledge that you can use a will to specify individuals that you would want to pass on your inheritance to after you pass away. However, it is not common knowledge that you can use your will to even prohibit certain individuals from getting anything from the inheritance that you are leaving behind. You may want to do this if the legal system allows for your assets and property to be given to an ex-spouse or a child that you may not want to leave your inheritance to due to any personal reason. Once you have specified the individuals that you wish to be the beneficiaries of your estate, they are the legal rightful owners of it after your demise. This way, you can make sure that the beneficiaries will only be your loved ones to whom it was actually meant to go to.

Determining Who Will Manage The Affairs Of Your Estate

how to prepare a will

When you go through the process of writing a will, you become what is called a “testator” and will have to choose and nominate an “executor”. This executor will be responsible for wrapping up all the affairs of your business. The responsibilities of an executor can be very extensive and thus, a will allows you to specify who is fit for the job according to your heart’s satisfaction, rather than worrying about someone else doing a poor job of wrapping up all your affairs. If you are confused about how to draft a will and nominate an executor, this site might offer some insight into how you can do so effectively. What you must keep in mind is the fact that if you fail to write a will for yourself, you will have no way of legally nominating an executor. In such an instance, the court will assign one for you and you have no possible way of knowing who that person might be or whether they will be good enough for the job or not.

Eliminate The Possibility Of Family Disputes

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One common occurrence that is witnessed quite often is when families of the deceased erupt in a dispute not too long after their loved one’s death. This usually happens because there is a lack of clarity and harmony between family members regarding what your last wishes were. Everyone will come up with a different theory and lead to issues, you need to eliminate any possible family disputes by making sure that you give clear instructions on potential areas of conflict in your will.

Leaving Details To Access Your Digital Assets

In the day and age we live today, much of who we are and what we own, exists digitally. This includes your social media accounts,  email accounts,  bank details, and other financial information available on the internet. Someone must be given details to access these platforms and ensure their appropriate closure so that they can not be misused. A will can help you provide these details to your executor who can handle all your digital footprint and bring it to an appropriate end.

Writing a will is one of those things that don’t actually take a lot of time to do but its benefits are immense. We have absolutely no guarantee of life and we should prepare as best as we possibly can for the time that we won’t be around anymore. Think of it as a massive service to your family which will give a clear roadmap to follow after you pass away and will be able to legally claim rights to your inheritance without any effort.


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