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How Not Having a Lawyer Could Hurt Your Truck Accident Case

Just because it is possible to file a claim for compensation after a truck accident without a lawyer doesn’t mean that you should do it. Here’s how not hiring a lawyer could see your truck accident case head south.

The allure of not hiring a lawyer for any compensation case is understandable. You think you are able to keep all that compensation for yourself, and you will be. However, the amount of compensation you receive will be significantly lower than it would be if you had a legal representative. You might even go the opposite way. Fighting a compensation claim without a lawyer could see you at fault and left with the bill for the other party.

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What do truck accident lawyers do?

Let’s look at what having a lawyer can do for you, then move on to what not having a lawyer does. If you hire an Atlanta truck accident lawyer for an accident that happened in Atlanta, you can expect them to help gather evidence and prove you are not to blame. Here is what they will do for you in greater detail.

Put the best guess estimate on your case

A lawyer has experience in cases just like yours. They will have managed more truck accidents in the past, and they will therefore know the judges and possibly even the competition. This experience allows them to put a rough estimate on the worth of your case. They can calculate the cost of things you cannot price. For example, they can put a likely price on the cost of your pain and suffering.

Sorting out paperwork

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A lawyer will advise you on what paperwork you ought to keep hold of from the outset. They will warn you about receipts, tax breaks, and medical bills. They can use the information you give them to create a financial forecast detailing how much you will lose in earnings.

Filing paperwork

Not only must you sort through the paperwork, but you must also file the correct documents at the correct time to keep your case on track. Failure to provide certain things can even halt your case altogether.

Gathering evidence

If you become incapacitated at the scene and must attend hospital, a truck accident lawyer can gather evidence from the scene on your behalf.


7 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

A lawyer will negotiate through settlement discussions on your behalf. They will represent your interests when faced with potential deals.

Not Hiring a Lawyer for your Truck Accident Case

Look back through that list of things a lawyer does for you and think about how many of them you could do alone. Go into greater detail next, examining the pros and cons of hiring a professional for each stage versus the pros and cons of doing it yourself.

Without a lawyer, you might grossly miscalculate what you think you are owed. Without that lawyer, you might not file the correct papers at the right time. You might miss a vital piece of evidence, and you will have to negotiate alone. Worst out of all of this is that the opposition will have a lawyer – maybe even a legal team. This means you will be fighting a court case against a professional as someone who may never have set foot inside a court before.

Hire a lawyer and do yourself a favor. Otherwise, you will absolutely miss out.

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