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5 Immediate Steps To Take After an 18-Wheeler Accident

Were you recently involved in an 18-wheeler accident? This means that you have some immediate objectives that you need to take care of.

Those who are involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident need to be aware that this vehicle is dangerous. It weighs at least 33 tons, the weight of nine elephants!  When it collides with other cars, this results in severe misfortune.

Hiring an 18-wheeler accident attorney will help you get the settlement you need. Read on for the steps to take after an 18-wheeler truck accident.

Let’s get started!

1. Get Away From the Scene of the Accident

Truck Accident

It is important to move out of the way of any potential traffic risks and debris that may be scattered at the scene. Go to a safe distance and keep an eye out for any on-coming traffic to avoid being a victim of another accident.

Also, both parties should turn their hazard flashers on to indicate their presence. Finally, ensure to remain in the vehicles until emergency personnel arrives.

2. Call 911 and Contact Authorities

After securing yourself in a safe place, call 911 and contact the police or the local authorities and let them know what happened. Provide as much detail as possible, letting them know when and where it happened, and give all the vehicle plate numbers.

Also, it is crucial to not move the vehicles, as the police will often come to the scene to assess the damage, take pictures, and interview witnesses. Finally, be certain that you and all parties involved remain at the scene until the authorities arrive.

3. Take Photos of the Scene

Truck Accident

Photos will serve as evidence that could be used to determine the cause of the accident and will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Be sure to capture the following:

  • Entire area
  • The vehicles involved
  • The road conditions
  • Each skid mark or debris
  • Any injuries sustained

Also, keep in mind to document damage to all vehicles, as well as personal property, like clothing and bags. Additionally, if there were any witnesses to the accident, it would be best to get contact information from them to help corroborate your story.

4. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Even if you feel okay, some common injuries, such as whiplash, can take hours or even days to show symptoms. Getting to a hospital or doctor as soon as possible will ensure that you get help if you need it and can start to treat any injuries right away.

In addition, it will create a record in case a personal injury claim needs to be filed in the future. Furthermore, if the other party is uninsured, filing a report will ensure that everything is documented and unable to be denied in a court of law.

5. Speak With a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer

Truck Accident

It is critical to contact a qualified and experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer to assess the claim and represent your interests. They’ll give you practical advice on the procedures and ensure that your rights aren’t violated during the process.

Your lawyer may also help you determine what compensation to seek, such as medical bills and lost wages, and assist in negotiating a fair settlement. This will guarantee that you’re protected and that your case is being properly handled.

Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Accident

After an 18-wheeler accident, it is crucial to seek medical attention, gather pieces of evidence, and get an attorney. Contacting one will give you guidance on how to proceed.

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