Police Officer Mistreated
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What to Do If You Believe a Police Officer Mistreated You

While police officers are supposed to uphold the law and protect the citizens, unfortunately that is not always what happens when citizens have encounters with officers of the law. One of the most frightening things that can happen to the average citizen is to have their rights violated or to be accosted by a police officer. When someone who is entrusted with their safety and upholding law and order has violated the law, it can be incredibly scary, and many people don’t know what to do or if they even can do anything.

Here is the Guide for You

The Law is On Your Side

It can be confusing for some people to wrap their heads around police officer misconduct and how to report it. They may be under the false impression that poor conduct among police officers is going to be protected by the police department and by the rest of the legal system, just because police are a part of that system. What people need to understand, though, is that the law is there to protect them and that they do have rights, even when those rights have been violated by a member of law enforcement. They do have legal recourses they can use, and there are avenues of communication set up for reporting of any kind of incident that seems to break the law and violate the rights of an individual.

Who to Call

So, who do you report the incident to? “You might consider calling a personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt or mistreated” adds Johny who is with Toronto Long Term Disability Lawyer. If there is any loss of income or discernable damage, then a personal injury lawyer is an option, but not necessarily the best one.

A police misconduct attorney will have specific knowledge of your rights and how to proceed in this situation. Experts agree that you need to write information down pertaining to the incident, including the badge number and license plate number of the police officer and the officer’s vehicle, respectively. You also need to write down the time and date of the incident and write out exactly what happened, as this will help you remember everything in detail later on. You don’t want to have a confused story that changes, so make an account of all the details while the incident is clear in your mind.

You should definitely call for an attorney as soon as you have the details written down and as soon as you can after the incident occurs.

You should also file a police misconduct report. This sets the wheels of justice in motion and lodges a formal complaint that can help to keep the police officer in question away from you and get the eyes of police department on that officer and the kind of misconduct they may be engaging in.

You should know that you have legal recourse when something like this happens. You can take advantage of the legal departments and legal representatives who have been established to help you. You do not have to fight police misconduct on your own.


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