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4 Legal Marketing Ideas That Won’t Cost Your Divorce Law Firm Marketing Any Money

Marketing has become a life support for a business to survive in the 21st century. Mohammad Siddiqui (MBA), who has 5+ years of legal marketing experience dealing with law firm marketing with LawFirmMarketing360 says that “Inbound strategies have become more effective than ever before and getting a specialized divorce lawyer marketing firm to manage your marketing strategies is the best way in generating and converting quality leads”. With trends changing quicker than ever, marketing has also evolved from outdated billboards to social media ads, influencer hires, and more.

Besides getting a marketing firm involved in taking this marketing burden from you and creating an online presence for your law firm, here are four ideas you can implement to grow your divorce law practice.

Divorce Lawyer Marketing Ideas That Won’t Cost Your Marketing Budget Anything

Work On Your Divorce Lawyer Website & Divorce Attorney Profiles

VDRs Help Employees Work from Remote Locations

More often than not, we forget to focus on the main thing that holds the brand together, your website. 101 of divorce lawyer marketing, your website is the key to driving sales and creating a space for your divorce law firm among the thousands out there. The majority of the queries from confused individuals revolve around knowing about a lawyer’s services, their pricing, and their expertise. Your website holds all that information in one place.

Research some demanding keywords and try to incorporate them into your website & lawyer marketing page profiles. Make sure you get the keywords to flow naturally. Try to get some local keywords in there as well. For example, if you’re in California, using a keyword like “Divorce law firms in California” can help drive traffic to your site. Another example, in the case of a legal marketing agency they could use terms like “Law Firm Marketing Agency Houston”.

Blogging For Providing Divorce Law Advice On Common Questions

content marketing for law firms

Selling divorce lawyer services is more difficult than products. You need to prove that you’re better and know what you’re doing before anybody even considers signing up for your services. Blogging is a great way to become a voice in the legal space. Writing articles on different divorce and separation legal topics, and creating awareness of sensitive issues can help drive traffic to your site. Make sure to incorporate keywords in your blogs and keep your blogs updated regularly.

Social Media Boost With Divorce Lawyer Marketing To Offer Divorce Tips & Quality Advice

Social Media Boost

Social media has billions of people on it each day every day. Everybody takes at least 20 minutes out of their day to look at their feeds on social media and see what is happening. Social media is one of the few platforms where service sector firms can communicate with their audience directly. You can get creative on social media by creating posts, videos, polls, and more to engage your audience that is potentially looking for your divorce lawyer services.

Divorce Lawyer Client Reviews To Further Boost Your Divorce Law Firm Marketing Powers

Who doesn’t check reviews in this day and age? Reviews have become a staple for hungry consumers looking for great products and services. People check reviews and then decide on other people’s experiences whether they want to buy the advertised product or service. If you’re doing a great job, then ask your previous clients to write a review for your law firm. Great reviews attract attention and generate leads. It is a surefire way to bring potential clients to your business without spending money on referrals.

There are many other marketing ideas you can implement to boost your business, however having a professional marketing company manage your marketing is the most hassle-free solution. If you’ve got the budget, think about outsourcing your marketing department.


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