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How VA Disability Rating is Determined

Serving in the military is a great responsibility and an extraordinary service you provide to others. However, it is important that while you are serving your country, you do what is best to keep you safe and healthy, not just for you but for those that care for you at home. It is understandable that there are many risks when it comes to enlisting in the military, and those risks can result in injury or health complications. If you are a military veteran, you may be entitled to disability compensation. However, it’s not also uncommon to find veterans of all ages look for crowdfunding opportunities through websites like GoFundMe to raise funds for their disability or any medical attention they may need.

What Is VA Disability And How Does It Work?

VA Disability refers to the compensation that you are eligible for in events where you have sustained injuries or health problems resulting from your time served in the military. If you seek help regarding this issue, the first question to start from is how to increase my va disability rating? There are several factors involved in making decisions and approvals when it comes to your claims and compensations.

Some of these factors that need to be looked into during the evaluation of your records include the tenure of your service, the severity of the disability, and f your performance capabilities before sustaining an injury. You need to consider the rating table for veteran affairs moving forward and how that will affect your coverage compensation. The table will directly equate your injuries with your abilities or inabilities to work and how your overall income is affected.

Deeper Dive Into The Ratings

Your claim for disability is measured on a table to determine the severity of your disabilities and how it impacts your ability to work. Your disability within these parameters is calculated by the amount of financial impact suffered due to your service-related injury or health concern. This translates to an income lost due to changes from your ability to work. If you are able to work at maximum efficiency at your job within the military at the capacity that you have worked prior to injuries or health changes, you would not be considered to have a disability. Enlisting in the military, you will have to pass a physical, which will provide you a baseline for your health.

Calculating Your Disability

In order to determine your disability level, which translates to how much you are eligible to claim in the event of health detriments. Your disabilities will be determined by severity, prioritizing the most severe or drastic injuries first. This will then be added to any other disabilities you have incurred. However, it would be done in a more complicated way. Instead of outright adding the variables together that were calculated by your disability level, the percentages translate rather differently.

The initial, more severe, and thus prioritized disability will be taken from your efficiency ability. Any subsequent injuries will now, instead of simply being added on top of the initial calculation, have to be taken off as a percentage from the remaining efficiency calculated. In addition to the original percentages, that percentage and any further calculations will be summed up, with the total showcasing the disability rating and providing you your approximation of what you are entitled to claim as compensation.

The Process Of Claiming Disability

If you get injured at all, you are eligible to get disability claims. The key fact is that there have to be records of your injuries. You cannot claim pain, and soreness suffered due to injury or as residual after an injury without the proper documentation. Any record of your health history will be taken care of by doctors, so make sure to see a doctor throughout your military service. They will record your visits, ensuring that you have proper documentation if you ever need to access it.

This cannot be stressed enough, as many people avoid going to a doctor, but creating these records is important for future claims. This is key for all sorts of issues, regardless of how small the pains you suffer. From scratches to even mental health, it is of utmost importance that you see your health professional and have that record as complications can arise further down the road. Even if you do not have any health issues throughout your service, it is a good idea and good practice to periodically see your medical professional for checkups to ensure everything is okay, and that you do not find any underlying issues later.

How VA Disability Rating is DeterminedIt is important that you consult legal and health professionals to learn further and understand the workings and details of disability claims if you are a military veteran. Keep records of your health updated as it is good for documentation. Keep these practices in mind and always prioritize your health.


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