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How To Write a Divorce Notice in Newspaper: 2023 Guide

Divorce process consists of multiple steps that may vary according to the situation. A divorce notice in the newspaper is usually a voluntary step that you may choose to take to make your decision to terminate your marriage public. To be confident whether you need to include this step in your divorce plan, you should learn more about the procedure and choose a comfortable option for you.

Why Need a Divorce Notice

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It is not always your own desire but the circumstances or legal requirements that may drive you to write a divorce notice. Whether you are obliged to or you feel that this is the best step for you to take at the very same moment, here are the common reasons why you need a divorce notice:

1. Lawful Regulation

When filing for divorce in Michigan and other states you will be expected to announce to your spouse your divorce intentions. If their whereabouts are unknown, the law regulates you to place a notice in the local newspaper of the last known place of residence of your soon-to-be-ex.

There may be other situations when you may be called to place a divorce notice in a newspaper depending on the local court requirements. You’d better consult your lawyer on all the state-specific regulations to know whether you have to deal with divorce notice and plan your divorce process well.

2. Public Record

Once you place a divorce notice in the newspaper, it automatically becomes a public record. This means that your written and published divorce announcement is now official proof that your marriage is over. You may appeal to it as legal evidence later if necessary.

Here’s a table that outlines the basic information you should include when writing a divorce notice in a newspaper:

Element Description
Heading Use a bold, attention-grabbing heading such as “Divorce Notice” or “Legal Announcement.”
Introduction Begin with a brief introduction that includes the full name of the person filing for divorce (the petitioner) and their spouse (the respondent).
Statement of Intent Clearly state that the petitioner is filing for divorce from the respondent. Use simple and direct language to make the statement easy to understand.
Reason for Divorce If the petitioner wishes to provide a reason for the divorce, they may include it in this section. However, it is not required. If the petitioner does choose to include a reason, it should be brief and objective.
Contact Information Include the petitioner’s contact information, including their name, address, and phone number or email address. This allows interested parties to contact the petitioner for more information or to arrange for service of process.
Signature Sign the notice with the petitioner’s full name and the date.


3. Notification

It may happen that you need your distant acquaintances and relatives, or business partners to know that your marital status is different now. But you may find it exhausting or inappropriate to communicate the news personally. This is where a divorce notice in the newspaper may come to help you out. You will simply assume that they have read your divorce announcement in the local newspaper and feel free of the burden to speak it out on your own.

4. Logical Closure

For many divorcees a newspaper divorce notice makes a logical closure of the divorce procedure and marital life in general. Making your divorce public may help you feel that things are real and you are over with your relationship officially. Everyone knows that you are divorced, and they expect you to act respectively so that you have no choice but to pass on to the next page in your life. As a result, it may be easier for you to move forward and start a brand new life without looking back.

The reasons may be different but a divorce notice will be a helpful tool for you to make your marriage termination public and move on with the procedure easier.

How to Write a Divorce Notice

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Whether you have to meet legal requirements or have personal reasons to place a divorce notice in the local newspaper, you should know how to manage the process to succeed without any turbulence. Check out these simple instructions to assist you:

1. Pick Out a Newspaper

The initial step to putting a divorce notice in the newspaper is to choose the paper for publication. The logical variant is the local one. It is usually read by the people from your location so that your target audience will know about changes in your personal life.

You may also need to make a publication in the newspaper that is local for your spouse, or a niche paper for your business partner to get the information on your changed status, etc.

2. Revise Newspaprer’s Requirements

Once you know where you are going to place your announcement, you should get acquainted with the newspaper guidelines. Whether reaching their website or calling the paper’s office you will know the style, volume, and other peculiarities you need to count when preparing a divorce notice for publication.

3. Create a Notice

When writing a notice about marriage termination you are commonly expected to mention the following information:

  • names of people involved
  • date of marriage
  • date of separation
  • the reasons for marriage termination
  • any desired and relevant details, covering custody agreement, and so on.

When writing a notice, mind using appropriate, clear, and concise language.

4. Hand in the Notice

As soon as you are ready with the text and it corresponds with the guidelines, you should pass it to the paper for publication. Mind, that often in order to place a divorce announcement in the newspaper, you need to provide legal proof of your divorce, such as a divorce decree, together with your notice text.

5. Cover the Fee

In most cases divorce notice publication isn’t free and you have to cover fees on time if you want your notice to be published. Plus, you’d better keep the receipt for some time just to be on the safe side.

6. Check Out the Publication Date

After you have met all the requirements and handed in the text, the newspaper will give you the date of publication of your divorce notice. At the stated time review the newspaper to be sure your divorce notice is published properly.

7. Announce to the Family and Friends

Although you exploit the publication of a divorce notice in the newspaper to make your divorce public, bringing the news personally to your friends and family is a preferred option. You can either make an announcement before or after the publication depending on the situation.


Publishing a divorce notice in the newspaper is not an obligatory step for every single case. But if you have to cope with it or you feel that this process is a must for your personal wellness, you should better look closer at the divorce notice procedure. Prepare to create a worthy text, place it on the right paper, meet all the necessary requirements, and get ready for the outcomes to benefit from them.


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