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How To Register For 9/11 Compensation Funding

With the great news of extended 9/11 victims funding by former President Donald Trump, the world can once again rest assured and help fulfill the requirements of deserving people in need. These funding services by the Victim Compensation Fund are for those who had relatives killed in the crashes or are suffering from the damages of the destruction.

When originally the act halted in 2004, President Obama was the one to reinaugurate it in 2011 and supply for the hurt civilians in the harmful smokes and flames that arose in the aftermath of the crashes. If you’re a victim of the horrifying attacks or know someone who deserves the compensation funding but isn’t getting it yet, the following is all that you need to do to obtain sufficient compensation:

Steps To Register For 9/11 Compensation Fund

Check Eligibility

Check Eligibility

As this is compensation funding provided by the government to all victims who have deceased ones or were exposed to the hazards of the crashes, there needs to be backing to your claims. There is an eligibility criterion provided by the VCF and other funding programs that include the following individuals:

  • Lower Manhattan residents
  • Workers in Lower Manhattan. Below canal street
  • Cleaners
  • NYPD
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency staff
  • People trapped and affected by the dust cloud

There are several other eligibility criteria determined by the VCF to help the true victims get the full compensation they need to overcome their loss, physical and mental health issues, and more. Ensure to understand the full extent of eligibility tests and proofs you may have to present to qualify for the compensation before the deadline.



The website for VCF is an easy-to-access portal for all compensation information and registration requirements. In order to start your funding process, you will need to complete a form to register and channel your online claim management system.

As this is a government program, make sure to give authentic and complete information as demanded. Fill the online form carefully and review the data many times. If at any point you get stuck in the process, call the helpline on the website to get registered.

Get Help

Get Help

Nothing in this world is entirely free, even for 9/11 victims. And when it comes to registering for your loss on this disastrous day, you may need to make a lot of effort in order to prove your worth for the funding. This can consist of filing a thorough claim, gathering extensive supporting documentation, and a few if not several rejections.

For this reason, there exist firms like Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, that fight for your rights and help you register and file a VCF claim in the best way possible so that you can pass the eligibility round and maximize your payout. These lawyers can also help you to get your illness certified by the WTCHP if you’re not able to yourself due to your health condition and provide covered health care.

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