Divorce Proceedings
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How To Reduce Costs During Divorce Proceedings

With so many variables involved in divorces, there is no set fee for what you will pay, with costs varying from hundreds to thousands of pounds. Spending as little as possible on achieving the outcome you want is understandably important though. In this article, we have put together some useful ways to effectively minimise what you will pay for your divorce.

What affects the cost of divorce proceedings?

Divorce process

When first looking at costs, it’s worth noting that there are several criteria specific to your own circumstances that will determine how much you will pay for your divorce. Whether it is contested or not, how complex your estate is and the complexity involved in child care arrangements will all play a role in the overall cost.

  • Spend time researching the best solicitor for you

If you have decided to use a solicitor, you can potentially save money by researching the most suitable firm to represent you. Using a platform like Wiselaw Lawyer website will help you start your research into finding how much lawyers in your area charge for their services. When you meet with them, have all your documents at the ready. This includes financial information, pay slips, and details of historic childcare arrangements for the latest 12-month period. Ensure your paperwork is well presented and bring along your pre-prepared questions to make good use of the initial (usually free) consultation you will have.

  • Keep communication lines open with your ex-spouse

Where possible, keep ongoing communication with your former spouse as friendly as possible. A breakdown in discussions can result in having to communicate more often with them, resulting in paying more legal fees. If you can agree on things, the process will take less time and cost less.

Right Time to Divorce

  • Avoid digging your heels in

Being stubborn in divorce procedures will only cost you money in the end. Going down this avenue can lead to disputes over minor matters that you become too invested in. Again, resolving these disagreements will cost you time and stress as well as hurting your pocket so try to be flexible when you can.

  • Try mediation

Mediation is another option for lowering the cost of your divorce. If there are matters you are struggling to resolve with your ex, then mediation is a quicker and cheaper pathway to finalising things instead of going through the courts. If you qualify for legal aid, then mediation is free and if your ex is eligible, you will not pay for the first session. Typically, one session costs around £90 per person but fees can vary based on where you live. Look for a registered mediator to check fees of various mediators in your vicinity.

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  • Take a step back

Distancing yourself from your own stance on your divorce is possibly the most challenging means of lowering the costs. Although it may seem unrelated, discussing with friends and professionals whether what you are expecting with your divorce is reasonable and if you should take it to court where it is likely to be costly. Understandably, the determination to seek justice is based on strong emotions but will cost money in the long run.  Gain further clarity by reading recent family law cases and articles to give you an insight on how judges perceive unnecessary actions from divorcing couples. Here’s one example.

A final thought

Reaching a settlement out of court is always the most inexpensive way of concluding matters, but sometimes going through the courts is simply unavoidable. Divorces can be hugely expensive, so finding a collaborative way of handling matters is kinder to your finances and better for your mental health overall.


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