Recover After Being Terminated
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How to Recover After Being Terminated from Your Work

By all means, getting sacked is one of the most dreaded, stressful, and painful moments for workers. You may have multiple questions in mind, from how you’re going to put groceries on the table to how long it will take you to find a new job, and what the termination could mean for your future career prospects.

But indeed, life goes on, and there are several measures you can take to help you recover from the effects of being let go of.

Tips to Recover After Being Terminated

Wrongful termination

In this piece, we shall cover a few tips you can use on your road to recovery after being terminated from employment.

1. Reflect On the Reason/s Why You Were Terminated

One of the best ways to start your recovery journey is to take a few moments to consider why you were let go. Was it due to company restructuring, competency issues, or lack of performance? With these considered in detail, the next crucial step is to decide what can be done now.

In many cases, your employer is legally required to provide the reasons behind the decision to terminate you. And if the reasons are unclear or not adequately provided, you can always approach your manager or HR for more information, just like you would do when dealing with unpaid wages. This can help you reflect on any mistakes that you may have made, so you can devise ways to rectify or avoid them in future roles.

2. Seek Counsel from an Experienced Employment Attorney

If you feel that your termination wasn’t in compliance with the law, one of the best ways to get the answers you seek is to consult a wrongful termination attorney. They can help you determine if indeed you were terminated based on unlawful practices like discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

An experienced lawyer in these matters can help make it easy to navigate through this difficult period and advise you on whether or not to pursue legal action against your former employer based on the law and the contract you signed when getting recruited. A professional opinion on your situation could make all the difference, so don’t delay seeking advice as soon as possible!

3. Assess Your Financial Situation and Make a Budget

Once you have taken the time to reflect on why you were terminated, it is essential to assess your financial position. Understand what costs are coming in each month versus available savings and your income sources if any.

This allows you to get an idea of how many possible gaps can be closed or managed, at least until you regain regular income from employment. It also helps you create an organized and achievable budget that reflects all of your current commitments, so you can reduce the chances of winding up in further financial mayhem.

Wrongful Termination

4. Utilize Unemployment Benefits to Stay Afloat

One of the major benefits of working in the U.S. is that you’re not completely helpless from a financial perspective after losing a job or legally leaving one voluntarily. Unemployment insurance, which is a joint program between the federal and state governments, can provide a decent level of relief while you’re in-between jobs after a lay-off or termination.

While collecting unemployment shouldn’t make you laze off from finding a new job, it can actually help reduce the amount of money-related stress experienced after getting fired, allowing you to focus more on your healing and recovery.

5. Take Time to Reflect & Invest in Self-Care

For the umpteenth time, employment termination can be a traumatic experience. It’s thus important to ensure you take the necessary time to process your emotions, reflect on what has happened, and decompress before starting out a new trek. Taking extra care of yourself during this period can help you get back on track in terms of not only your career, but also your personal goals, health, and overall well-being.

Whether that means seeking psychological support, engaging in healthier outlets like meditation and mindfulness, or exercising regularly, one thing holds true. There are many avenues to explore that can help redirect some of the stress experienced due to job loss.

While meditation, socialization, and exercise will help boost your physical and mental health, you can also find self-care in new hobbies or even volunteer work. These can particularly help you gain a stronger sense of purpose, which can make it easier to transition away from feeling helpless after being terminated from employment.

6. Look at It as an Opportunity to Find a New Job

Although being terminated can be a difficult thing to bear, it may also provide the opportunity for you to find something better suited to your needs and desires career-wise. After processing, you can use this moment of reflection and thoughtful consideration to evaluate potential future opportunities.

Wrongful Termination

It might not be the perfect time for job-hunting per se, given the circumstances, but it’s a sure opportunity to gather confidence, spruce up your resume, and let yourself be noticed by other employers for different roles. Nonetheless, it pays to approach the job market with your career prospects in mind before making applications to avoid seeming (or feeling more) desperate.

7. Network and Forge Meaningful Connections – Step Toward the Future

After getting sacked, it’s also a great time to brush up on your networking. While also reaching out to your old contacts, try and expand your network by forging new meaningful connections with professionals in and outside of your industry. You never know who within your circle might offer valuable insight, tips, or even a job proposition.

Also, be sure to reach out to local organizations that can provide guidance and help you make progress toward finding new opportunities more quickly. Utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn effectively can also open up a whole range of previously unthought-of prospects, allowing one to forge key connections that hold potential for career advancement later down the line!


A job termination can be outright painful. But as much as it might seem like the end of the road, the steps you take to deal with it can make your case the absolute opposite. Moreover, you have rights as an employee, most of which the law is categorically vivid and strict about.

Besides employment lawyers, you also have people who care about you, connections, and new employers waiting to hear from you. The above few tips will hopefully inspire you or someone you know – with measures you can take to ease your transition and recovery in the aftermath of being terminated from work.

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