Car Accident Claim
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How to Protect Yourself in a Car Accident Claim Calculator

As you may very well know, car accidents are no joke and you should be careful when it comes to your health, if you’ve been recently involved in one!

Car Accident Claim Calculator

This is because, first, even minor car accidents can lead to serious head and neck injuries that can affect your lifestyle. In such a case, you may want to file a claim and get compensated accordingly.

However, keep in mind that both the accident type as well as your injuries matter when filing a claim – and can also significantly affect the reward. Here’s exactly what you should know about minor and serious car accident claim calculator.

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Minor Car Accidents

A minor car accident usually ends with little to no physical injuries – at least in the minutes after the accident. It is highly recommended that you get seen by a doctor no matter the type of accident, as even minor injuries can lead to serious complications.

In such an accident, the vehicle usually receives minor damage, and, in some states, you may not even be required to report it. Depending on how the other driver is, the two of you may simply exchange car insurance information and other personal data and be on your way.

Serious Car Accidents

Naturally, serious car accidents are known for major physical injuries, as well as for major vehicle damage – sometimes even beyond repair. The parties involved are required by law to contact the authorities, if possible, and stay at the accident scene.

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Differences that May Affect a Claim

Given that you’re looking at the things you should know about minor and serious car accidents, you want to find out more about the things that can influence your personal injury claim.

Such information can help people decide whether they should pursue a claim, then settle it or go to court.

  • Physical Injuries – minor car accidents usually come with no major physical injuries and, in most cases, are not seen as eligible for physical injuries damages. Naturally, a serious accident that could cause the victim permanent disabilities or other significant injuries is fully eligible.
  • Financial Loss – as a result of serious injuries, the victim’s ability to work may be affected, and they may also need to modify their car/home to tend to their injuries. Not to mention the need for medical care. Minor car accidents usually don’t cause financial loss – besides the costs needed to repair the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

When involved in an accident, some people think that they are entitled to all kinds of damages, even if all they experienced was a fender-bender. In some cases, they may also simulate injuries and whatnot to make sure that they receive more money!

Therefore, it’s important to know that a lot more things are considered when the court analyzes a claim and not only what the victim says. To make a proper ruling, the victim’s lawyer, the insurance company, as well as the court, will take a look at all the details of the car accident claim calculator.

In short, while the main difference between minor and serious car accidents is the number of damages the victim can be awarded, that difference is thoroughly analyzed!

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